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Fazilka Tenders

Find latest Fazilka Tenders sourced from various agencies in Fazilka City like: Fazilka PWD Tenders, Fazilka municipal corporation tenders etc. So, if you are looking for Fazilka Tenders online then you are at right tenders website.

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Country: India

Db Paving on Approch Road from Guddar Bhaini Upto Bachitar to Mc Fazilka Assembly Constituency Fazilka District Fazilka.

TOT Ref No.: 44790415

Value: ₹ 600000

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 12000

Country: India

Tender for Construction of (15 Nos.) Public Toilets at Various Bop of Distt. Fazilka (Under Badp) and All Other Works Contgent there To.

TOT Ref No.: 44738099

Value: ₹ 681332

Deadline: 10 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 13627

Country: India

Transportion of Foodgrians and Stock Articles in Centre Jalalabad and Centre Abohar

TOT Ref No.: 44737763

Value: ₹ 34614700

Deadline: 06 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 692294

Country: India

Transportion of Foodgrians and Stock Articles in Centre Fazilka and Ladhuka

TOT Ref No.: 44737647

Value: ₹ 15760500

Deadline: 06 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 315210

Country: India

Providing Improved Access to Water Through Household Connections in Existing Water Supply Scheme Behak Hasta Uttar Block Jalalabad Distt. Fazilka (Under Prwssip 2A(I))

TOT Ref No.: 44667168

Value: ₹ 911825

Deadline: 13 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 18327

Country: India

Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Halim Wala Urf Mandi Roran Wali, Block Jalalabad of District Fazilka Under Prwssip Component 1A (I) Wl

TOT Ref No.: 44140490

Value: ₹ 17909704

Deadline: 10 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 358194

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