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CityTender SummaryDeadline
RanchiProcurement of Graphite Electrode Dia 14 Inches29th May 2019
RanchiNit for Supply and Installation of Equipment of Tccfc Oncology at Rims, Ranchi10th Jul 2019
RanchiSupply of Medical Equipment for Cardiology Department at Rims, Ranchi10th Jul 2019
RanchiSupply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Lifts at 1C,1D,2C and 2D Type Quarters at Cmpdi Hq Including Buyback of Old Lifts and Nine Years Ca10th Jun 2019
RanchiSurge counter monitor suitable for 42 KV. 10 KA Metal Oxide Gapless surge Arrestor as per RDSO Specn. No. TI/SPC/PSI/MOGTLA/0100(07/40) with connectin14th Jun 2019
RanchiDifferent type Kitchen items. Quantity and detail description as per annexure-A.[Full quantity of annexure-A treated one set]4th Jun 2019
RanchiBokaro colliery under G.M.Unit B&K Area1st Jun 2019
RanchiKonar Expansjon of B&K Area1st Jun 2019
RanchiHiring of one no. diesel driven closed jeep attached to PE(EnM) under the control of PO, Urimari.1st Jun 2019
RanchiCutting of drain along WBM Road from Golamber to WB. No.03, under Amrapali project of Magadh-Amrapal31st May 2019
RanchiStrengthening of road from Binglat to Honhey under Amrapali Project of Magadh Amrapali Area. (Para12th Jun 2019
RanchiMaking approach to W.B no. 06,07 and 12 at Honhey under Amrapali Project of Magadh Amrapali Area.12th Jun 2019
RanchiWidening of approach of Gate No. 03 near Y-Road under Amrapali OCP under Magadh-Amrapali Area.6th Jun 2019
RanchiProviding and laying of Hume pipe in Mines of Magadh OCP near Develgada under Magadh Project of Maga6th Jun 2019
RanchiMaking of Rigid Ramp with guard wall of proposed WB No. 10 of Magadh OCP under Magadh-Amrapali Area,6th Jun 2019
RanchiProviding and fixing Hume pipe at check post no 06 under Magadh Project of Magadh-Amrapali Area.6th Jun 2019
RanchiHiring of one no. LMV8th Jun 2019
RanchiProcurement of Trans Controller and other Electrical items of WA800 (L7) of Piparwar Project.13th Jun 2019
RanchiProcurement of OTR Tyres (Large Sizes) for various HEMMs of CCL against MB 2019-20 (03 Items)22nd Jun 2019
RanchiRewiring of Canteen & Main Substation of CRS Barkakana and Ladies Club at NTS Colony Barkakana31st May 2019
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