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CityTender SummaryDeadline
RanchiFresh wiring weighbridges no.06 and newly shifted pit office of Magadh project under Magadh-Amrapali26th Mar 2019
RanchiSupply and laying of 02 core 10 Sq.mm Armored cable conductor for Dg room at senior guest house26th Mar 2019
RanchiSupply, installation and testing of UTM to Manage the data load over internet lease line at Amrapali26th Mar 2019
RanchiProviding proper power arrangement for lighting at Kundi chowk and along the local sale transporting26th Mar 2019
RanchiRepairing and overhauling of 2 Nos 440v,DOL type 200/250Amp starters L&T make attached with 150HP m26th Mar 2019
RanchiInstallation and commissioning of 02 nos. of 60T electronic road weighbridges no. 03 and 0526th Mar 2019
RanchiSegregation of 3.3KV OH line and 440V OH line and erection of poles for installation of CCTV at Coal26th Mar 2019
RanchiProviding & fixing Barrier 03 nos. check post of Argada Area under GM Unit, Argada28th Mar 2019
RanchiRepairing of 02 nos. cutting edge and End Bit and fitment of cabin glasses on BD 155 Dozer No. 1281626th Mar 2019
RanchiHiring of LMCV for BnK Area8th Apr 2019
RanchiARC for day to day electrical maintenance work at JNC, CCL, Ranchi ( for two years)."8th Apr 2019
RanchiG.M.Unit of BNK Area2nd Apr 2019
RanchiPurchase of materials for Sarubera U/G Project, Kuju Area28th Mar 2019
RanchiDistribution of water to residential and non- residential buildings for 24 months at JNC,CCL,RANCHI8th Apr 2019
RanchiRepair and Maintenance Eight Units A Type quarters in Mines Rescue Colony, Subhash Nagar1st Apr 2019
RanchiRegular cleaning of muck, sludge, earth, garbage at CT Road1st Apr 2019
RanchiRepair and Maintenance of two units of quarters (2BR CH/5 and CH/2A/8) at Bachra1st Apr 2019
RanchiRepair of Main drain of the Qtr. No. 01 to 40 and 265 to 328 at Mines Colony of Ashok Vihar Colony1st Apr 2019
RanchiMaking of 04 Nos foundation for H.T. Switch and Transformer and fencing of 02 Nos substation near Ba25th Mar 2019
RanchiLaying of 252 mtr ,100mm pipeline from 6 Nos Quarry to New Tanker point at haul road of Kuju New Sid25th Mar 2019


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