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Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) is a set of classifications for classifying, Products, Works and Services. The code set first came in to existence in the year 1993. The whole objective was to make public procurement more transparent, efficient and uniform for all languages.

The latest CPV version, more commonly known as CPV 2007 was adopted by Regulation (EC) No. 213/2008 and is in use since 17/09/2008. This consists of a Main Vocabulary and a Supplementary Vocabulary, both available in 22 official EU languages. The Main Vocabulary currently consists of about 9454 terms, listing goods, works and services commonly used in procurement.

The structure is a hierarchical one with nine-digit code, the last being a check digit. The first two digits come in a block, so as to accommodate 99 divisions, and the next six digits each represent one level of classification, so there cannot be more than 9 groups at a given level of classification. Zeros are placed at the end of codes, except for the first two digits, and they indicate the level of accuracy of the code (the more zeros it has, the more general it is).

Since 1993, the Common Procurement Vocabulary has undergone several revisions, mainly between 1996 and 1998; 1998 and 2001; and the last between 2004 and 2007.

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The new CPV search tool makes it easier for users to find appropriate products and their equivalent CPV codes.

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