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Popular Waste Management Tender: Swachh Bharat Mission

Posted By James 30 Sep 2021

Tenders have been the most ideal and most supportive way to source not only apt but also competitive dealers looking for sourcing collaborations for projects. With the newest trend of E-tendering and E-procurement, the process has become even smoother and t


Trends Shaping the Future of Sourcing & Procurement Beyond 2021

Posted By Morris 30 Sep 2021

As the past year was all about taking a halt standing where you are and being more unpredictable, this year is more about thinking about new ways and adapting to new changes. But these changes can be difficult for some sectors like sourcing and procurement


Tender Negotiations: An Insider's Guide

Posted By Magnus 27 Sep 2021

An invitation to tender might be published for a range of contracts, including equipment supply, the main construction contract (which might include design by the contractor), demolition, enabling works, etc. Normally, tendering refers to the construction w


Technology: A boon in a civil work tender process

Posted By Marsh 23 Sep 2021

Historically, invitations to tender, specifications, bills of quantities and other contract-related documents have been initiated and exchanged in paper form. Whereas today we sit in a highly automated/computerized world where collaborative and comprehensiv


How 3 Indian cities are tendering urban waste management successfully

Posted By Austin 23 Sep 2021

The world is urbanising at a lightning speed and hence need for urban waste management is growing. This is mainly due to the overflowing landfills and trash laden streets it brings to us with the challenge of overpopulation. Ideally, the only people to hold


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