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A careful study of investment in the region and global markets

Posted By Morris 17 Apr 2019

Investment ideas and investment contributions internally and externally and we are open to any field of investment, including real estate. The main objective is to increase the share of insurance from the company's budget and increase competition in the loc


International loan to Tanzania of $ 7.1 billion

Posted By Morris 17 Apr 2019

The World Bank has agreed to lend Tanzania $ 1.7 billion to fund development projects in the fiscal year 2010/09, according to the Tanzanian Ministry of Finance. The agreement came after a meeting between Hafiz Ghanem, the bank's vice president for


Turkey is benefiting from Islamic Energy Bank loans

Posted By Morris 31 Mar 2019

Turkey is one of the priority countries to take advantage of Islamic Energy Bank loans, which will be launched this year in the capital city of Doha, based on comments made by Yousuf Mohammed Al Jaidah, CEO of Qatar Center On the sidelines of his participat


Government External Audit Services Tenders | Tendersontime

Posted By James 10 Apr 2018

Hosmed Medical Scheme Invites Tenders for Government External Audit Services Tenders | Tendersontime The services under this assignment will generally include: External Audit Services External Audit Services Tenders bidding process f


Bids are Invited for PZL Business Evaluation

Posted By Morris 28 Feb 2018

Competitive Tender Bids are invited from registered companies or Consultant firms for this tender.Bids must be submitted to The Procurement Unit,National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe(Pvt)Ltd,4th floor,south wing,NOCZIM House,100


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