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Eskom Tender Bulletin

Posted By Austin 14 May 2021

Eskom is South Africa's largest state owned utility company, majorly involved in Electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Eskom owns and operate 30 power stations with total installed capacity of 44.17 Giga Watts. Eskom has good mix of


Green funds for energy projects

Posted By Morris 30 Apr 2019

The Minister of Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, and his production and labor partner, Dante Sica, signed a loan contract for US $ 100 million together with the representative of the Inter-American Development Bank in the country, José Luis Lupo, and


CFE will require 1,500 million dollars for generation plant

Posted By Morris 30 Apr 2019

The five projects announced by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to strengthen its generation plant will require investments of at least 1.5 billion dollars. The board of directors of the CFE agreed to its Generation Infrastructure Expansion


Energy sector will be much better in 2021

Posted By Morris 28 Apr 2019

Nihat Özdemir Limak Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors, planned to be implemented with the Energy Venture Capital Fund in the sector is expected to support companies with financial difficulties, said: "As an energy investor in 20192020 I can se


The deal opens the door for future partnerships

Posted By Morris 27 Apr 2019

Nebras to the next stage of its global expansion, stressing Nebras' commitment to its goal of becoming a world leader in energy development. Nebras is not planning to do so alone, but with reliable partners. on them. He stressed that this acquisition suppor


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