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21 Important Things Suppliers Need to Know About GEM Tender Process

Posted By Austin 20 May 2021

Government e Marketplace (GeM) is a brainchild of Hon'ble Prime Minister; is basically a new online avatar of DGS&D. It is a centralised online system for procurement of goods and services by various central & state government agencies, departments,


Procurement of Consultancy Services

Posted By Marsh 17 May 2021

Depending upon the nature of the projects, the amount spent on Consulting assignment varies from 2% to 10%; which is a significant sum. Apart from the amount spent, consultants, plays an important role in the successful and timely completion of any project.


What is ESPD and How it is Beneficial?

Posted By Magnus 13 May 2021

The full form of ESPD is: European Single Procurement Document ESPD is a self declaration submitted by the bidders interested in supplying to buyers in European Union region. Before the implementation of ESPD, all the suppliers bidd


Best Site for Free International Tenders Information

Posted By Morris 06 May 2021

As per IMF 2021 estimates the total GDP of the world is to the tune of 141 Trillion USD. On and average, 15% of national budget of any country is spent through Public Procurement; which is a huge opportunity. With this the total Public Procurement market si


Whether a relative of government servants can take part in tenders in India?

Posted By Admin 22 May 2020

The answer is Yes. But there should not be any conflict of interest. The goverment officials are supposed to be the custodian of public funds. Hence all public procurement must be transparent and efficient. There are variuous rules and act which defines con


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