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Technology: A boon in a civil work tender process

Posted By Marsh 23 Sep 2021

Historically, invitations to tender, specifications, bills of quantities and other contract-related documents have been initiated and exchanged in paper form. Whereas today we sit in a highly automated/computerized world where collaborative and comprehensiv


6 Types of civil work tenders

Posted By Morris 18 Sep 2021

We are certain you are aware of “What is a tender?” by now. In a nutshell, a tender is a submission made by a prospective supplier in response to an invitation to tender. Basically, It puts forth an offer for the supply of goods


5 Common Faults In Construction Tenders

Posted By Marsh 16 Sep 2021

Construction tenders are fundamental public contract opportunities. They are issued by organisations to invite competing offers for specific services, goods, works or utilities. An invitation to tender is the way organisations who need support for completin


Classic process of a civil work tender

Posted By Marsh 20 Aug 2021

This article aims to describe the tender process of a typical commercial construction project in detail.   To begin with, a te


Best Site for LSGD Tender and LSGD e Tenders

Posted By Austin 14 May 2021

In 1992, the constitutional amendments number 73rd and 74th gave recognition and protection to local governments. Since India is a federal structure, each state has its own legislations to manage local governance. The whole objective of strengthening local


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