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Best Site for LSGD Tender and LSGD e Tenders

Posted By Austin 14 May 2021

In 1992, the constitutional amendments number 73rd and 74th gave recognition and protection to local governments. Since India is a federal structure, each state has its own legislations to manage local governance. The whole objective of strengthening local


Why is it difficult to acquire Govt. Tenders?

Posted By Morris 26 Aug 2019

When it comes to acquiring tenders, especially the Government tenders, there are various factors which affects its successful acquisition by a reputed company. Compliances, licenses, requests for proposal (RFPs) are some of the well-known factors. However,


Signing more than $64 billion cooperation agreement

Posted By Morris 30 Apr 2019

Xi Jinping: Summit creates business opportunities (Beijing 27th Comprehensive Electricity) The roundtable summit of the 2nd "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit held in Beijing closed on Saturday afternoon. Chinese President Xi Jinping m


Projects for US $ 10,327 million

Posted By Morris 30 Apr 2019

The Macroeconomic Projections Update Report of the MEF also considers a portfolio of projects to be awarded that represent a total of US $ 10,327 million. A growth of almost double if compared to what was projected in his previous report (US $ 5,044 million


Support rural aquaculture projects

Posted By Morris 30 Apr 2019

The Sedeco Ahome will open a window with Conapesca to deliver more than 6 million pesos in these supports. The Ministry of Economy of the municipality of Ahome will open a window with Conapesca to support rural aquaculture projects. "For the first t


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