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Client Testimonials


“Hi Priya,

    Thank you for reaching out for feedback. We are satisfied with the service so far and there's no complaints.

Thank you & Regards,

Monica R.

Data Analytics, EIU Healthcare Consulting.”


    “Hi, As I mentioned before, your information really creates value for us, we will definitely become a member. CHINT is one of the top 50 listed companies in Asia, we participate in numerous tenders every year. If you can provide us with a reliable partner in the Caribbean region to qualify us to bid, we will consider more cooperation with your company than just subscription.

Andrés Tie,

CHINT, China.”



    Great speaking with you this morning: I sincerely appreciated the time you spent with me. As I mentioned on the phone, I will be retiring in late May so it is most appropriate for me to hand off this potential opportunity to R Mann, our CEO. Russ and I spoke this morning and he will get back to you to schedule next steps.

You have built a very useful product and you ought to be proud of yourself!

Irv Alpert

Founder and Executive Vice President at Onvia.”


“Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Toshiba.

    We are glad to be associated with you and appreciate your services for providing important alerts related to our subscription all this time. We are in need of historical data pertaining to our subscription i.e. tender information alerts on “Distribution Transformers” for last 5 years and hoping you to provide necessary information.

Best Regards,>

Raja S.

Sr.Engineer – International Marketing.

Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.”


“Hi Gopal,

    Whilst I thank you for your time in sending over different tender opportunities, we have taken the decision to steer clear of tenders for the time being. Your service was great and you have been a fantastic help in previous dealings.

Kierron D.

Sales Manager, Meditrade UK.”


“Dear Gomes,

    Thank you for providing such quality information, it is very useful for us.

As a government enterprise we have to fulfil some obligatory bureaucratic procedures. In connection with that thus we are kindly ask you to review the draft of the document we need to sign.

Artem A.

Ukrspecexport, Ukraine.”


“Dear Anand, good day!

    Our company has decided for Tendersontime website subscription. During the evaluation period your support, quick reply and solving problems and issues that we reported, besides the discount you provided us were all very important for this decision.

We prefer payment via credit card. Could you please send us the link? We will need a receipt as well, with registration data from your company. Yearly Subscription: USD 3990


Tamara Harrison.

Departamento de Exportación.

Phoenix Luferco, Brazil.”


“Hi Cara,

    Many thanks! I just made the payment.

Frankly speaking, the tenders you sent us until now were always highly relevant - not sure which keywords you were using but your choice was excellent.

Keywords: Startup Acceleration, Internationalization, Market Access/Market Entry Program, Entrepreneurship Education/Training.


Plug & Play LLC, USA.”


“Hi Mohammed,

    Yes, we are receiving regular alerts and we have seen some good opportunity on there although the alerts are not always relevant to the keywords, we have sent you.



Hague, United Kingdom.”


“Hello Dear Vaidya,

    Thanks for your effort for us until now. We searched lots of tender websites and decided to work with you.

We are a company that has been exporting since 2005. With the new year, we aim to reach more regions of the world with our new products that we will produce. And our work is completely dependent on tenders. That’s why, we will be your loyal customers with whom you will work for many years.

Best Regards,

Özlem Ş.

Armas, Turkey.”


    “Thanks a lot for your email and all the information sent. I am very impressed with the tenders you have sent me so far; no other platform has been able to show me these tenders. I am very interested in purchasing a subscription. However, I can't open the details for each tender. When I click the link, it takes me to the website and does not allow me to log in since I have not been assigned a password yet. Could you help me out with this please?

M Colin, Founder,

Bolson Linguae, Mexico.”


“Hi Nikki,

    WOW, I have to write this THANK YOU email! I am impressed with how your team gets along with the worldwide business.

This RFP is really useful and relevant for us, we provide exactly this auction service. Sadly, they only want a proposal in Slovakia which is out of my abilities. :D

If your team can find more RFPs like this for us, we'd highly appreciate it.


Innovative Auctions, USA.”


“Dear Sagar,

    I would like to regretfully inform you that our company, INDICAL Bioscience GmbH, are terminating the Service Level Agreement that was executed on the 23rd of July, 2019.

We greatly appreciate your dedicated services over the past year. However, the company does not need further tendering services at this time. Should the need for a global tendering platform arise again in the future, Tenders On Time will be considered as a preferred choice.

Leslie M, Marketing Specialist.

Indical, Germany.”


“Dear Sanjay,

    We would like to express our satisfaction with the quality of services and data provided which is very much useful......

Now it’s a real pleasure to treat the tenders! A lot of thanks to the team… Please, tell them…


The French Railway Industries Association (FIF), France.”


    “It's almost 2 years and we are delighted with the services from TendersOnTime. Daily alerts make our work facile fetched from relevant keywords and within search options. We are pleased with international tenders with accurate documents and purchaser's details.

Dixon Davis,

Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnership & Sales.

Konnect Insights, USA.”


“Dear Team,

    Your proposal is brilliant and we will definitely go with your offer.

I just have one more question and the question is if its global subscription? I mean, will we have access to all the tender from all around the World? This is very important to us while making decision.

Looking forward to hear from you very soon,

Dominik Drda,

Asistent Prodeje Malorážového Střeliva,

STV Technology, Czechoslovakia.”


“Dear Ms. Priti,

    We are very happy with your services. Here is the email that I’d like you to send the daily alerts to, in addition to my email: .......@esteri.it.

And for the sectors that we are interested in, we prefer to have all the sectors but mainly (Energy and Construction). I would like to inform you that we pay with bank transfer. Kindly issue and send me the INVOICE with payment instructions:

Mustafa A.

Political and Commercial Office.

Embassy of Italy in Baghdad.”


    “Thanks for keeping us updated. Is this again a sample of what is relevant for us at the moment, or is this all? Could you tell us how many relevant tenders would be available for us with the deadline before the end of January for example?

We are convinced we will be using the tender updates from the information you have already shown us. Yours was the first tender website which looked promising to us.


Flood Tags, The Netherlands.”


    “Thanks for your kind mail and it is our pleasure to deal with you. We are very satisfied by your services site & alerts system and for sure I will work on renew our subscription.

A. Fekry.

Operations Director-Africa.

Hiteknofal, Egypt.”


    “Dear Sir, we would like to inform you that we are getting tender information very promptly every day from you. We now request you to provide next 3 years/5 years plan of various utilities (Domestic – Transmission and substation work tenders)

Sanjay W.

Associated Power Structures, India.”


    “Hi, many thanks for your emails. Your service looks most interesting. However, we are not yet ready to utilize tender service, we are in the process of completing some other important actions to prepare our venture and when we are ready to start entering tenders then we will revert to you to continue our discussion.

Peter H, Director.

TBN Atlantic Rainforest, UK & Brazil.”


    “Thank you so much for taken the time to send over those tenders, it’s extremely beneficial.

As a company, they are definitely Tenders we would be interested in applying for. Could you please send over some information regarding subscription, including costs etc. Therefore, we can get moving ASAP on this.


Intercede3 Ltd, United Kingdom.”


    “Our team has been finding the Tendersontime subscription extremely fruitful. We were just wondering if it was possible to receive updates closer to the publication dates.

Raghav S

Technical Sales,

BGIoT Technologies, UAE.”


“Dear sir,

    We have already taken a subscription of tender..... but we loved your services and may be next time we will take subscription of your website.

Vivek Tiwari,

Inductus, India.”


“Hi Ravi,

    We are certainly impressed by your tender listing database. Could you please connect me with your local Sales team to clarify some additional details and then maybe we can take this forward.

Navin, Director Operations

ACS Refrigeration, India.”


“Hi Sanjay and team,

    On behalf of the YYYYYYPortal team, I just want to give you positive feedback and say thank you all for focusing on the opportunities that matter us the most. Public procurement notices from EU and beyond (TED) like this-> https://www.tendersontime.com/tenders-details/acquisition-data-corporate-links-b-1314---036120-vv-1-2b892bb/ are extremely important to us.

We are pleased to do business with you. Thank you once again for the amazing dedication and efforts!

Best regards,



    “hie, as i communicated earlier on, we love your website and your services are very good. As soon as we get money we will subscribe with you.

Praise Matemba

Clamore Solar, Zimbabwe.”


“Dear Hema,

    This is great! Thank you so much! And what wonderful service, I really appreciate it.

Kind regards


CES, South Africa.”


“Dear Mr Kumar Shrey,

    After nearly 3 months of testing, I think that the service gives a very good overview of tenders throughout the world. The results strongly depend on the key-words given by the customer and might be improved after a certain time.

Nevertheless, I would appreciate if you can send me an offer for a one-year subscription which I can present during our next internal meeting (Dec. 18th) discussing this subject.

Best regards

Wolfgang Fick

Head of Business Development

AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH, Germany.”


“Hi Sanjeev,

    Thank you for all your assistance so far.

We are happy to inform you that we have found some relevant opportunities for our client in your feeds, especially from South Africa and Russian Federation. We hope that you will increase and improve your search strategy about the European countries, which are still object of interest for us.

We really appreciate your relevant feedback! So please let’s continue doing your best during the rest of our 3-months collaboration period.

Kind Regards,



“Thks Riya

    Your web site, whilst hugely comprehensive, is not right for the niche areas that we look for as specialist consultants. It is mainly focussed on opportunities or areas outside our expertise.

Thks for contacting us and wish you good luck


David Wells

Aqualis Offshore, United Kingdom.”



    I hope this email finds you well and yes you do have an impressive website. One question: Does the website cover tenders from Australian, NZ and American Aid projects?


Leigh Dixon

Concord Consulting, Indonesia.”


“Perfect, Thanks for this,

    Just wanted to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you , and we have recommended your service to others as you have been so efficient, and easy to deal with

Thanks again

Best Regards,

James Clark

Global Business Development Manager – Medical Central Gas