Bid Facilitation And Consultancy Services

Bid Facilitation And Consultancy Services

A substantial percentage of country's GDP is spent on Government Procurement. Thus, participating in government contracts should not be ignored by the suppliers. For some organizations, participating in Government tenders may be hassles and time-consuming activity. Organizations, particularly which are relatively new and/ or does not have in-house capacity and capability to identify and respond to various tenders; avoids participating in govt tenders.

TendersOnTime understands these challenges and helps its clients with the help of procurement consultant, who are well versed in procurement process/tender process. Basically, TendersOnTime offers two types of services:

A: Tenders Consultancy Services

B: Tenders Support Services:

The other services include but not limited to:

  • Dedicated Account Management

  • Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution

  • Marketing Support Services

  • Business Support Services

  • Customized Software application Development

  • Language Translation Services

  • Arranging Joint Ventures/Consortium

  • Project Implementation Support

  • Arranging Subcontractors

  • Procurement Support Services

  • Country Profiling

  • Purchaser Profiling

  • Research on Demand

  • Setting Up Business in Select Countries

Bid Consultancy And Facilitation Services

Consultancy and Facilitation Services
  • Procurement of Tender Documents
  • Attending Pre-Bid meetings
  • Translation of Tender Documemts
  • Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser
  • Preparation of responsive and winning bids
  • Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)
  • Providing Market Intelligence, local taxes and Duties
  • Successful and timely submission of tender Documents
  • Attending Bid Opening
  • Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to some of Frequently Asked Question. However, if you have any specific question, please drop us an email at : or call us at: +91-92180 88010 /+91-86558 44044

Who can avail Bid Facilitation and Consultancy Services?

We don’t discriminate our clients and hence any company can avail our services. But yes, our Platinum Clients get preferential treatment for various services.

What are the service charges?

The services charges are dependent on the exact scope and the quantum of efforts we have to put in. But there are certain services for which we have fix charges. Below are the few examples:

a) Purchase of Tender Document: Actual Tender document Cost + Actual Courier Charges + USD 100 towards local transport and out of pocket expenses.
b) Submission of Tender document, Attending Pre-Bid Meeting etc: USD 100.

What is End-to-End bid facilitation Service?

In this case we, along with our local agent take the complete responsibility of successful bid submission. The services include but not limited to:

  • Procurement of Tender Document.

  • Attending Pre-Bid meeting and updating the client on the proceedings.

  • Help in Translation of tender Document (if required)

  • Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser.

  • Help in preparation of responsive and winning bids.

  • Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)

  • Providing Market Intelligence, local Taxes and Duties.

  • Successful and timely submission of tender document.

  • Attending Bid Opening

  • Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution

  • Arranging Subcontractor if needed.

How End-to-End bid facilitation Service is charged?

In this case there are no upfront charges (apart from actual expenses like courier charges, tender document cost etc.) We work on Success fee basis. It has below steps:

  • Signing of tripartite agreement (among your co, our co and local agent)

  • We and our local agent will provide all the services and help.

  • If you win the contract and get your money in your account then you need to pay us and local agent within 7 days, from the date of​ receipt of​ payment. In case you receive the payment in advance or on pro-rata basis, then you have to pay us accordingly.

  • In case your bid is not successful then our local agent will help you in taking the bid bond back.

What are the Payment Terms?

Payment is taken in advance. But our Platinum clients can pay post the utilization of the services.

How to Pay the Charges?

There are various options like: Bank/SWIFT Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal etc.

Which are the Countries you provide the support?

We have very effective local ​agent network in 60+ countries around the world.

What if you don’t have any local agent in any country?

That's not an issue for us. If we don’t have any present in a particular country, it takes 5-6 days for us to find an effective agent in that country.

What is the profile of your local agents?

Our agents are companies/individuals who are well placed in their own country​, thorough in tendering process and on top of that they have very good repo with the tendering authorities.

Do you also help in e Tender Submission?

Yes, this service we provide in case of Indian Tenders. We have experts with through knowledge of E Tendering, who take the complete responsibility of successful submission of the tender.