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Country: India

Providing Trained Two Number Computer Operator and Two Number Unskilled Labour for the Office of Dy. Cao, Lesa Trans Gomti and Six Number Unskilled Labour for the Office of Chief Engineer (D), Lesa Tr...

TOT Ref No.: 44875761

Value: ₹ 1250000

Deadline: 18 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 12500

Country: India

Repair and Renovation Work of Homeopathiv Hospital Chandauli Distt-Mahoba

TOT Ref No.: 44875724

Value: ₹ 1159812

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 23200

Country: India

Repair and Renovation Work of Homepathic Hospital Ghara Distt-Mahoba.

TOT Ref No.: 44875721

Value: ₹ 1120675

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 22420

Country: India

Construction of Unani Hospital Maudhaha Distt-Hamirpur.

TOT Ref No.: 44875718

Value: ₹ 1112446

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 22240

Country: India

Muhalla- Najopatti Ward No- 04 Me Narmal Field Ke Pass Sarwajanik Bhoomi Me Pustakalay Ka Nirman Karya

TOT Ref No.: 44875708

Value: ₹ 960000

Deadline: 18 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 20000

Country: India

Muhalla-Jameen Baramadpur Uttari Ward No-15 Me Narmal Maidan Ke Samne Nagar Panchayat Bhumi Me 10 Sheeted Sarwajanik Sauchalay Ka Nirman Karya.

TOT Ref No.: 44875685

Value: ₹ 1604500

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 35000

Country: India

Software Development and It Related Services

TOT Ref No.: 44875680

Value: NA

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

Value: NA

Country: India

Cc and Drain Construction Work from Rajpal House to Roshan House in Village Bhimpur.

TOT Ref No.: 44875679

Value: ₹ 217430

Deadline: 13 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 4349

Country: India

Repair and Renovation Work of Homeopathic Hospital Bamrara Distt-Mahoba.

TOT Ref No.: 44875669

Value: ₹ 875219

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 17500

Country: India

Making House Connection of Charauon Water Supply Scheme Block Siar Disrict Ballia

TOT Ref No.: 44875665

Value: ₹ 4450000

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 89000

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