Rajasthan; ISO 3166-2:RJ, came in to existence on 1 November 1956 has total population of 68,548,437 which is spread over an area of 342,269 Sq KM. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur and the official language of Rajasthan is Hindi.           

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StateTender SummaryDeadline
Rajasthan Offer for Digital Indicator 5th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Offer for White Led Fixture 5Wp 5th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Solid State Laser 5th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Rapid Prototyping Pcb Machine 26th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Pxi Chassis/Card 29th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Provn of Special Repair to Road in Mes Colony at Bikaner Mil Stn Under Ge North Bikaner 11th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Repair to Flooring Plinth Protection Hard Standing Pathways and Toilets Under Age Br I at Itarana Alwar 5th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Cleaning Repairs and Preventive/Corrective Maintenance of Several Equipments of Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant and Other Miscellaneo 4th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Repairs Replacement of Roofing Plastering Joinery Builders Hardware and Certain Allied Works in Bldgs Under Age Br I at Ahmedabad Cantt 29th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Provn of Addn Alteration of Adm Block of Fd Hosp for Central Medical Facility Under Ge Army Jaisalmer 26th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Outsourcing for Conservancy Services for Mes Offices at Mil Stn Under Ge (A) Jaisalmer 28th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Special Repair to Road at Various Places at Jalipa Mil Stn Under Ge (A) Barmer 29th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Ca No Cwe Kota/Pln-67 0F 2018-19 Repairs / Replacement of External Water Supply Under Age(I) Pilani 4th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Repair/Maint of Certain, Traverse in Esh Sheds, Workshop and Connected Items at Depot Area in Army Area Banar 30th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Spl Repair to Surveyed off Furniture Items at Hisar Mil Stn 28th Jan 2019
Rajasthan Madar - Various Works for connection of DFCCIL track to Indian Railway Track at. 18th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Providing Gang Rest Shelters and Gang Tool Rooms in the jurisdiction of Sr.DEN (East) Ajmer. 18th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Ajmer Division - Earth works in connection with deep screening of track in between Km. 98.00 to 164.00 in Ajmer-Chittaurgarh Section. 18th Feb 2019
Rajasthan DAURAI-Extension of Track Machine Siding and Provision of Basic Infrastructural Amenities. 18th Feb 2019
Rajasthan Dapagliflozin 10 Mg. Tab/Cap. 5th Feb 2019
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