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CityTender SummaryDeadline
JaipurManning and Operation to External Elect Installation at Niwaru Jaipur Mil Stn Under Ge Utility Jaipur30th Nov 2019
JaipurProvn of Certain Sanctioned Work (Part-3) at Age E/M at Mil Stn Bharatpur6th Dec 2019
JaipurSpl Rpr to Existing Black Top Road Approx 900 M Within the Unit Area at 3 Para (Sf) and Bituminous Hard Standing of Road Mt Area (85X17mtr) of 251 Fd 7th Dec 2019
JaipurJP Division- Supplying of machine crushed railway track ballast at BKI Depot.9th Dec 2019
JaipurProvision of resting facility for machine siding staff ,for LR/RG traffic staff , platform shelters and Back side boundary wall in the jurisdiction of9th Dec 2019
JaipurJP Divn: DEN(N) Section- Daily inspection of track as Patrolling companion with trackman during patrolling of track9th Dec 2019
JaipurJP Divn: DEN(East) Section- Daily inspection of track as Patrolling companion with trackman during patrolling of track9th Dec 2019
JaipurADEN- FL subdivision- FL-MD section--Associated civil works of CTR 29.12 Km.9th Dec 2019
JaipurConstruction of boundary wall and dead ends in Jaipur yard as residual works left by Construction during Yard remodeling work.9th Dec 2019
JaipurADEN-Line JP & ADEN-FL sub division-Repairs to various LCs, Bridges, Cess, trolley refuses, RUBs, side drains & vegetation cleaning along the track in9th Dec 2019
JaipurADEN-Line JP & ADEN-FL sub division- Connection of ROH facility,Non-interlock connection of ROH, freight examination facility & shunting neck in FL Ya9th Dec 2019
JaipurResidual track work in JP- Yard remodelling work to be done by open line /division in view safety.9th Dec 2019
JaipurADEN-Line & FL subdivision- TBR of JP-FL-MD section from Km 241.50 to 295.58 in JP-FL section & 229.20 to 251.70 in FL-MD section-Total-76.58 Km.9th Dec 2019
JaipurConstruction of Building Repair Work at Diet Building Sahapura Distt. Bhilwara28th Nov 2019
JaipurGeneric and Low Cost Branded Drugs and Medicines, Injectable, Surgical Including Disposable and Consumable Items Etc. for Bsby and Other Schemes of Go10th Dec 2019
JaipurProviding Insulated Vehicle for Distribution of Packed Milk and Fresh Milk Product and Cash Collection Work for 6 Route of Bhilwara City and 10 Routes16th Dec 2019
JaipurE- Tender for Supply and Commissioning of Roof Mounted Captive Solar Plant Including All Accessories on Power 15 Year Purchase Agreement (Ppa) Model.17th Dec 2019
JaipurSupply of Worm Shaft with Gear for Bowl Mill Xrp-763/8033rd Dec 2019
JaipurTalab Renovation Work in Raseeli Jalgrahan Upsamaiti of IWMP -2427th Nov 2019
JaipurTalab Renovation work in Mozmabad Jalgrahan Upsamaiti of IWMP -2527th Nov 2019
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