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CityTender SummaryDeadline
KanpurOil Seal Racer for Mcpa Motor As Per Drg No . A4/2019/Cnb/2647/5028/Ax.29th Mar 2019
KanpurPacking Shim Spring for Bearing in Set for Mvmt/Mvrh/Mcp/Mvsl/Mvsi As Per Drg No . A3/2014/Cnb/2481/5008/Sn One Set Consisting = 03 Nos.29th Mar 2019
KanpurSet of Adjustment Plate for Bolster of Wap - 4 Loco. One Set Consisting Two Items (1) Ref - 1 = 1 No . (2) Ref 2 = 1 No. As Per Cnb Drg No . A4/2007/C29th Mar 2019
KanpurBush and Pin for Line Contactor Mobile Assly As Per Drg . No . A4/2019/Cnb/2646/5004/Cm29th Mar 2019
KanpurLocking Sim for Mvmt and Mvrh Motor As Per Drg No . A4/2019/Cnb 2648/5029/Ax.29th Mar 2019
KanpurYoke Pin Support Plate As Per Drawing No - Skdl- 890 Item No - 229th Mar 2019
KanpurSpring Washer Size 33 Mm Make Unbrako or Bbbb As Per is 306329th Mar 2019
KanpurInsulating Sheet for Mp Length = 420 Mm Breadth = 340 Mm Thickness = 2 Mm Material - Sunmicka29th Mar 2019
KanpurM.S.Cover for Pneumatic Pipes Near A-9 , Sa - 9 , Cock As Per Drg. No . A2/2016/Cnb/2524/5029/Pneu .29th Mar 2019
KanpurArcing Horn for Shunting Contactor As Per Drg No . 4Twd.111.06329th Mar 2019
KanpurSet of End Shield De & Nde Side for Cgl Make Mvmt to Drg No . Elw/Bsl/2/Wam - 4/124.334 Item No . 1 to 4 & Drg No . Elw/Bsl/2/Wam- 4/124.335 Item No .29th Mar 2019
KanpurTray Size 400 X 270X 70 X 2 Drg No. A3/2002/Cnb/1674/5057/Rlq for Relay Handling.29th Mar 2019
KanpurSet of Adjustment Plate for Guide Plate of Wap - 4 Locos As Per Sr.Dee/Rs/Cnb Drg. No. A3/06/Cnb/2206/5049/Be29th Mar 2019
KanpurTrolly for Look out Glass Adjustment for Wag - 7 Locos. Drg No A2/2007/Cnb/2250/5186/S. Maint, Alt (A)29th Mar 2019
KanpurNon Driving Side End Shield of Mvmt 35 Hp Bbl Make Suitable for 6313 Bearing Along with Inner & Outer Grease Covers, Bolt and Washer As Per Drg No . E29th Mar 2019
KanpurSet of M.S. Face Plate for Axle Box of Wag - 7 Locos - As Par Drg No . A4/2011/Cnb/2412/5025/Ab. One Set Consisting Two Item. (A) One No = Thickness 129th Mar 2019
KanpurSponge Eva Cellular Strip Size Thickness 10 Mm X 20 Mm X 2000 Mm Length Material Eva Rubber Is: 13601.29th Mar 2019
KanpurSet of Cable Cleat of Din Rail for Tm 6 Fra 6068 Wag - 9 Loco29th Mar 2019
KanpurBuckle Brass Roller Double 25Mm Bronge10th Apr 2019
KanpurService Contract (Cleaning) 1 Year Period Participation Through Https Ofbeproc.Gov.In27th Mar 2019


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