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CityTender SummaryDeadline
AgraRepairs to Hathi Gate, Agra Fort, Agra30th May 2019
AgraPurchase of Porta Cabin for Clock Room, Agra Fort, Agra30th May 2019
AgraMaintenance of Garden29th May 2019
AgraAnnual Maintenance Contract (A.M.C) of A.C., Water Cooler at Office of the Chief Engineer (Dist.), Agra Zone-I / Ii and Customer Care Centre Under Agr29th May 2019
Agra11 Kv 3 Core 120 Sq.Mm Xlpe Al Cable10th Jun 2019
Agra11 Kv 3 Core 70 Sq.Mm Xlpe Al Cable10th Jun 2019
Agra11 Kv 3 Core 185 Sq.Mm Xlpe Al Cable10th Jun 2019
Agra33 Kv Xlpe Al. Cable 3 Core 300 Sq.Mm10th Jun 2019
AgraSupply of 3 Phase 4 Wire 10-60 Amp. Meter.29th May 2019
AgraSupply of 11 Kv 3P 4W Dlms Meter Cat-C).29th May 2019
AgraSupply of 11 Kv 3P 4 W Dlms Meter Cat-A)29th May 2019
AgraSupply of 33 Kv 3P 4W 110 V Meter Cat-C.29th May 2019
AgraRepair of LC surface at LC No. 494 between AGC-BHA section10th Jun 2019
AgraConstruction of 132 Kv Metring System on Double Circuit Transmission Line Boner - Ibrahimpur to Release 20 Mva Load to M/S Dfccil from 220Kv S/S Boner28th May 2019
AgraHiring of One Motor vehicle (NON AC) Tavera/Toyota/Qualis/Scorpio/Tata SUMO/Bolero/Similar Make Not eariler than 2017 & in good working condition, inc18th Jun 2019
AgraRepairing and Testing of Vcb in S/S Chirgaon and Badagaon9th Jun 2019
AgraRepairing and Overhauling of Vcb in S/S Parichha, Barasagar and Bajna9th Jun 2019
AgraCarriage of Different Material in Store Hasari to Etl Jhansi and Mauranipur9th Jun 2019
AgraRepairing and Overhauling of Vcb in S/S Month and Karguan9th Jun 2019
AgraFabric Nylon 45 Gsm Bs 45 Kgf, 1. U/D, 2. Red, 3. Sky Blue, 4. Dark Blue 5. Yellow As Per Scope of Work, Atp and Spec No. Adrde/Qms/Tdtm/F/2012/03 Dt.19th Jun 2019
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