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Karnataka Government and Private Tenders

Karnataka is a state of south western region of India. It is the biggest state in south India. Karnataka is derived from karu, Kannada and nadu means important land, The Karnataka people are called Kannadigas. The Kannada is a language of Karnataka. The state includes an area of 191,976 square kilometres or 5.83 percent of the total geographical area of India. It is the sixth biggest Indian state by area.  The population of Karnataka in 2020 is estimated to be 6.7 crores. 

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Different agencies of Karnataka government:

Tendersontime includes different organizations of Karnataka state. Few major organizations are:

  • Karnataka Civil works Tenders
  • Karnataka PWD Tenders
  • Karnataka PMGSY Tenders
  • Karnataka Energy Tenders
  • Karnataka Power Tenders
  • Karnataka Roads Tenders
  • Karnataka Board Tender
  • Karnataka Panchayatiraj Tenders
  • Karnataka Construction Tenders
  • Karnataka Civil works Tenders
  • Karnataka PWD Tenders
  • Karnataka PMGSY Tenders
  • Karnataka Irrigation Tenders
  • Karnataka Nagar Palika Tenders
  • Karnataka Municipal Corporation Tenders
  • Karnataka Irrigation Tenders
  • Karnataka Corporation Tenders
How does Tendersontime work for e procurement Karnataka tenders?

Tendersontime gather, record, collate and offer Public Procurement Opportunities to providers from the whole way across the globe and in all industry portions and from eprocurement Karnataka gov in.

Tendersontime is the website which records Karnataka tenders according to the most recent adaptation of CPV in such huge numbers. Ordering tenders against CPV upgrades significance of data conveyed to the providers.

Tendersontime is intended to streamline the normal Karnataka procurement process. Rather than manually doing things, for example, trading contracts, conveying delicate records and rounding out provider onboarding polls, the whole cycle is automated. It additionally mixes components of obtainment and fund to streamline tasks between the two.

Karnataka E-Tender

Handling efficiency and transparency is the main important aspect in public procurement. Tendersontime is offering different information about Karnataka E-tenders. Tendersontime is the biggest database for Karnataka E-Tender, global tenders, RFP, open tender and Gov. Contracts. 

Tendersontime publishes more than 50,000 notices on Tendersontime’s website on a daily basis.  We track 500+ newspapers and 100,000 purchasers and offer you updates daily.  Main advantage of our service is that we update our users through daily email alerts. We offer full and unlimited access of the karnataka portal.

With the help of the largest database, Tendersontime offers the latest information on different types of future projects such as Karnataka public private partnership project, Karnataka build operate transfer project, Karnataka government contract, Karnataka Software Projects, Karnataka BOT/BOOT Projects, Karnataka build operate transfer project and more.

Find latest information about Karnataka Tenders:

If you are looking for e procurement tenders list then you can access the information of different tenders from Tendersontime’s largest database of Karnataka tenders, eproc karnataka tenders, RFP, global tenders, eproc Karnataka gov in tender, open tenders and government contracts. 

The information and details about Karnataka Government Tenders is collected from various sources such as e Tendering System, Karnataka government e procurement, e procurement Karnataka government, eprocurement Karnataka govt Tenders list and newspapers.  We process different types of tenders from Karnataka. Some tenders include bidding, expression of interest, online auctions and GPN.  

Publish Karnataka Tenders

If you are thinking of publishing the tenders in Karnataka then you should try Tendersontime. It is a best platform for e publishing of Karnataka tenders or publishing tenders.

Publishers can also advertise Karnataka tender. They can publish different types of tender notices such as Expression of interest, Notice inviting tenders, publish global tenders, RFQ, PFP etc.  At Tendersontime, our aim is to offer the best experience to purchasers.

Publishers can opt for publishing a single tender. In addition, publishers can subscribe to different packages which suit their condition.

Any association or entity can distribute its tenders on Tendersontime. We are focused on acquiring straightforwardness and effectiveness in Public Procurement space. We accept that the initial step to accomplish this goal is to make the procurement opportunities accessible to a bigger provider base and giving them an adequate chance to react.

Aside from Government association, we empower private associations too, to exploit this platform and improve the effectiveness of their procurement work. There are different benefits of publishing tenders with Tendersontime. Some advantages are given below:

Immediate Global Reach:  Tenders are time impatient; henceforth you might want to give sufficient opportunity to your bidders. No need to set up the expensive work of art and no waiting time. Only a single tick of the mouse and your delicate ad is distributed comprehensively.

Exceptionally Economical: Unlike paper publishing, tenders publishing on Tendersontime are exceptionally cost effective. You can promote tenders in under 1/10 th  of the expense for the advert is live till the target time; Unlike to Newspaper where the life is one day and restricted to one city.

Superior approach, High ROI: Being a particular site for Public Procurement Information, tenders distributed on Tendersontime, gets engaged exposure internationally. Tenders are likewise distributed on various segments in the site and sent to applicable providers in the database.

With e-distributing of tenders on the ascent, this tender site will assist you with making sure about tenders simple and quick.

Other Benefits: Online delicate distributing is a proactive methodology, not at all like paper distributing which is a receptive methodology.

Office to post Corrigendum/Addendum, no constraint on size of the notification and arrangement to transfer delicate duplicate of tender record/TOR and MIS etc. are the different advantages.

Tender Notice:  Publisher can publish various types of tender notices likes: Invitation to tender / ITT, Global tenders / National tenders, Limited tender, General Procurement Notice / GPN, Expression of Interest / EOI, Pre-Qualification NoticeOpen tender/ Limited Tender, Bids and tenders. 

Upload different documents:  With Tendersontime, tender publishers can offer the complete tender document, Terms of Reference / TOR, addendum, corrigendum, General Condition of Contract, Special Condition of Contract, tender contract and Bill of Quantity and many more.  

Why Tendersontime for karnataka tenders

The Tendersontime is intended to unify and automate interactions between an association, clients, and other worth chain accomplices to improve speed and proficiency of procurement practices.

It advances a suite creative feature – all intended to support the proficiency, adequacy and all out expense of procurement.

Tendersontime is a well-structured, regularly updated and comprehensive database of Karnataka procurement opportunities from all across the world.  It is the best platform to access the tender’s information worldwide. 

So to be effective, government procurement must be cultivated in a convenient way. Consequently conveying the opportunities on time to our customers turns into our most extreme need and we gladly accomplish this. TendersOnTime follows ISO-3166 for characterizing nations and districts. We spread 200+ nations and all the continents.

After the subscription, you can get unlimited access of: EPC Tenders, Ministry Tenders, Utility Tenders, Defence Tenders, Country Tenders, Online Tenders, Telecom Projects, Multilateral Funding Agency Tenders, Federal Tenders, National Tenders, Central Govt Tenders, Middle East Tenders, Medical Tenders, Oil and Gas Tenders, State Govt Tenders, Consultancy Opportunities, Software Projects, Software Tenders and Procurement Plans.

At Tendersontime, we serve our customers in: Tenders Support Services, End to End Tenders Consultancy Services, Tender Process and procurement strategy. By using the Tendersontime, Customers can get immediate access to tender information and, in some cases, the complete tender Document.

Main functions of Tendersontime

  • Computerized process to free up assets and maximize the errors.
  • Improves communication among partners and accomplices to smooth out the procurement cycle.
  • Global reach, hence better competition
  • Very less cost
  • Instantaneous publishing
  • Offers a user-friendly platform to all procurement movement, giving partners and managers an incorporated platform for overseeing and evaluating.
  • Provides continuous updates for merchants, the executives, partners and accomplices, just as the opportunity to minister and store procurement information.
  • Considers smoothed out arrangements between numerous accomplices and partners.
Contact us:

If you are searching for tender’s related information in Karnataka then you should try our trusted and reliable e-tender portal.  We are offering flexibility to access the latest tender’s information by the portal. We are offering 100% genuine and accurate information for tenders. For more information and details please contact us or visit our website. Our support team is always ready to assist you. 

Tendersontime provides information on latest Karnataka Tenders, e Tender Karnataka and Karnataka Government Tenders, published from various organizations of Karnataka Government. Visitors can search business opportunities from largest Tender Database for Karnataka Government tenders, e tender Karnataka and e procurement karnataka tender list. 

Karnataka; ISO 3166-2:IN-KA is the major hub of software companies in Indian. Karnataka which came in to existence on 1 November 1956 has total population of 61,095,297 which is spread over an area of  191,791 Sq KM. The capital of Karnataka is Bengaluru and the official language is Kannada.  Tendersontime provides latest Karnataka Tenders and E Procurement Karnataka notices published from various organizations.

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 Karnataka, Hubli

Deadline: 11 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Hubli

TOT Ref. No.: 98122930

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98122930 ,  Deadline:  11 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 19 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98122924

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98122924 ,  Deadline:  19 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 20 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98122921

Value: ₹ 180470609

EMD: ₹ 1804706

TOT Ref. No.:  98122921 ,  Deadline:  20 Mar 2024

Value:  ₹ 180470609 ,  EMD:  ₹ 1804706

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 20 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98122909

Value: ₹ 176903200

EMD: ₹ 1769032

TOT Ref. No.:  98122909 ,  Deadline:  20 Mar 2024

Value:  ₹ 176903200 ,  EMD:  ₹ 1769032

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 20 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98122907

Value: ₹ 175723635

EMD: ₹ 1757236

TOT Ref. No.:  98122907 ,  Deadline:  20 Mar 2024

Value:  ₹ 175723635 ,  EMD:  ₹ 1757236

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 20 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98122904

Value: ₹ 175618139

EMD: ₹ 1756181

TOT Ref. No.:  98122904 ,  Deadline:  20 Mar 2024

Value:  ₹ 175618139 ,  EMD:  ₹ 1756181

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 13 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98120683

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98120683 ,  Deadline:  13 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

Deadline: 13 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, Bengaluru

TOT Ref. No.: 98120383

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98120383 ,  Deadline:  13 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

 Karnataka, BENGALURU

Deadline: 21 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, BENGALURU

TOT Ref. No.: 98120063

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98120063 ,  Deadline:  21 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

 Karnataka, BENGALURU

Deadline: 18 Mar 2024

 Karnataka, BENGALURU

TOT Ref. No.: 98120016

Value: Refer Document

EMD: Refer Document

TOT Ref. No.:  98120016 ,  Deadline:  18 Mar 2024

Value:   Refer Document ,  EMD:   Refer Document

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More Information About Karnataka

eproc Karnataka government

Tendersontime covers all organizations of Karnataka state. Few major organizations are: Karnataka Civil works Tenders, Karnataka PWD Tenders, Karnataka PMGSY Tenders, Karnataka Irrigation Tenders, Karnataka Panchayatiraj Tenders, Karnataka Construction Tenders, Karnataka Nagar Palika Tenders, Karnataka Municipal Corporation Tenders, Karnataka Energy Tenders, Karnataka Power Tenders, Karnataka Roads Tenders, Karnataka Board Tenders and Karnataka Corporation Tenders etc.

Karnataka Government Department Tenders

  • Agricultural Marketing Department, Karnataka
  • Agriculture Department, Karnataka
  • Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, Karnataka
  • Karnataka education department Tenders
  • Dharwad PWD Tenders
  • Karnataka Health department Tenders
  • Karnataka neeravari nigam limited tender
  • pwd Tenders in Karnataka


Karnataka Government Boards / Undertakings

  • Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority
  • Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)
  • Bangalore Water Supply And Sewerage Board (BWSSB)
  • Karnataka housing board Tenders


Karnataka Statutory Bodies & Commissions

  • Department of Electrical Inspectorate
  • Karnataka Comprehensive Nutrition Mission
  • Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • e procurement pwd Karnataka
  • e procurement Tenders Karnataka pwd


Karnataka Districts Tenders

  • Bagalkot Tenders
  • Ballari Tenders
  • Belagavi Tenders
  • Bengaluru Rural Tenders
  • Bengaluru Urban Tenders
  • Bidar Tenders
  • Chamarajnagar Tenders
  • Chikkaballapur Tenders
  • Chikkamagaluru Tenders
  • Chitradurga Tenders
  • Dakshina Kannada Tenders


Karnataka Urban Local Bodies/ Smart Cities/ Municipalities, Panchyats

  • Bengaluru Smart City Tenders
  • Mangaluru Smart City Tenders
  • Belagavi Smart City Tenders
  • Shivamogga Smart City Tenders
  • Hubbali-Dharwad Smart City Tenders
  • Tumakuru Smart City Tenders
  • Davanagere Smart City Tenders


Karnataka Tenders From Other Organizations:

  • School uniform Tenders in Karnataka
  • printing Tenders in Karnataka
  • Government canteen Tenders in Karnataka
  • Govt call center Tenders in Karnataka
  • Painting Tenders in Bangalore

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About Karnataka

Map of Karnataka
Emblem of Karnataka
ISO 3166-2 IN-KA
Vehicle Code KA
Zone Southern
Capital Bangalore
Largest City Bangalore
Statehood 01-Nov-1956
Population 61,095,297
Area (km2) 191,791
Official Language Kannada