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CityTender SummaryDeadline
PunePrabhaaga Kra 03 Subhedaara Raamjee Maloji Aamedkara Shalaa Yehte E Learning School Bandhne30th Aug 2019
PunePune Mahaanagrpaalikechya Vividha Khatyakadeela Record Jatan Karnyaasathee Naayadu Kothee Aawaarat Baandhnyaat Aalelyaa Prashasakeya Imaarteechee Urva30th Aug 2019
PunePrabhg Kra 41 B Kondhwaa Budruk S No 11/2 Madheela Ardhawata Aslelyaa Virngula Kendrachee Imaarteeche Kaame Karne30th Aug 2019
PunePrabhag Kra 17 Ganesh Peth Yethe Dudhbhatti Imaarateemadhye Warachaa Majalaa Wadhvine30th Aug 2019
PunePra Kra 36 K Madhye S No 682/683 Part Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Smarkaamagil Jalataran Talavaachee Kaame Karane30th Aug 2019
PuneSupply & Fixing of 1 mm thick12th Sep 2019
PuneSupply of 2 wire subscriber loop interface card12th Sep 2019
PunePower Data12th Sep 2019
PuneSteel wire ending clamp 90 sq mm,12th Sep 2019
PuneRailway carriage fans 110V AC bracket type 225mm sweep12th Sep 2019
PuneGatedcheckdammanjari1and2and39th Sep 2019
PuneConstruction of Gated Cnb at Auj No.1234 Tal Southsolapur Distsolapur.9th Sep 2019
PuneDcvc Gondia/ Vehicle/ 2019-20/0328th Aug 2019
PuneProcurement of Spares for Hwd 250Kn System of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneCalibration and Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneAnnual Maintenance Contract (Amc) of Utm 60 Ton of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneCalibration of Eqpt/Devices of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneRepair and Servicing of Laboratory Oven of Concrete Lab of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneRepair and Servicing of Lab Eqpt of Semt Wing13th Sep 2019
PuneRefurbishment of Existing Road Across Directional Signages New Installation and Maintenance of Street Furniture and Outdoor Media on Dbot Basis in Pun6th Sep 2019
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