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Maintenance of some of the Governorate Schools

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Tender Details

  • Syria
  • Maintenance of some of the Governorate Schools
  • 19th Feb 2019

Other Information

  • 30632953
  • 102327
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Hama Syria

Key Values

  • Tenders are invited for Maintenance of some of the Governorate Schools The Directorate of Education tender paper tender for the first time for the first time The Directorate of Education tender tender for the manner of sealed envelope for the implementation of maintenance for some schools in the province For those wishing to participate who meet the conditions stipulated by Law / 51 / for the year 2004 to submit the identification papers by the contractor personally and rejects all offer does not include papers The bidder shall submit the contract with the insurance company and submit it to the office of the governorate. Bids shall be submitted on the following day for the last date for submitting bids in the office of the chairman of the tender committee. Deadline for submission of bids End of official working hours on Tuesday 19/2/2019 Schauer said it was not an engineer bid bond / 5% / from disclosure under the value of financial receipt or certified check assets Performance Bond / 10% / of the value of referral under the delivery of financial assets Aoshik certified Delay penalty / 0.001 / one per thousand for each day of delay of the bidder's commitment period of his offer / 50 / day from the date of expiry of the offers Presentations are accompanied by all the necessary documents and can be reviewed by the Building Department to view the book of conditions and purchase the obligatory claim during the official working hours at / 3000 / Project The contractor undertakes to provide a vehicle for the transfer of the supervision device or from the administrative department to supervise the work at its own expense No. Name of the school Estimated value of the implementation period / days / 1 Central mountain 12285800 60 2 Socialism 17300400 60 3 Southern Rabieh 15592600 60 4 Al Rahbi Basic 15544500 60 5 Mu'tasim God 14696600 60 6 60 23.3436 million Al-Nazaza 7 Abdel a For Menem Riad 13533800 60 8 Fayhaa 60 11.4327 million End Date: 2019-02-19 [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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