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CityTender SummaryDeadline
ChandigarhSupply of Soyabean Meal Doc at Cpdonr Chandigarh14th Sep 2019
ChandigarhSupply of Soyabean Meal Doc at Cpdonr Chandigarh14th Sep 2019
ChandigarhSupply of Rice Bran, Rice Bran Extraction, Mustard Extraction and Maize at Kapurthala and Gidderbaha Plant27th Aug 2019
ChandigarhPurchase of Digital Moisture Meter Alongwith Printer9th Sep 2019
ChandigarhS/R Type-Ii, Xi, Xii in Sector-11, 15 Chandigarh Under Mtc. Sub Division No.130th Aug 2019
ChandigarhCwe/Pat/N-24/2019-20 Special Repair to Hanger of Certain Unit Under Ge(North) Patiala30th Aug 2019
ChandigarhNiq for the purchase of "sample cups for random access autoanalyzer with conical bottom self standing capacity 2 ml"12th Sep 2019
ChandigarhRepairs ,Replacement of Old Perished Internal Wiring and Renewal of Florescent Tube Light with Leds Fittings and Fixures, Sub Mains,Dbs of Md and Otm 19th Sep 2019
ChandigarhWork for Providing, Operating, Maintaining Work Efficiency Management System for Field Workers of Sanitation Wing5th Sep 2019
ChandigarhWork for Providing, Installing, Testing and Commissioning of Pumping Machinery10th Sep 2019
ChandigarhProcurement of Biolog Consumables2nd Sep 2019
ChandigarhRenewal of Kaspersky2nd Sep 2019
ChandigarhProviding and Laying of Overflow Sewer Line on Backside of Market Area to Avoid Frequent Blockages of Sewer Line in Sector 22 Chandigarh7th Sep 2019
ChandigarhStrengthening of Sewerage System to Avoid Contamination in Mauli Jagran Colony, Ut Chandigarh7th Sep 2019
ChandigarhProviding, Fixing, Laying and Testing of 1600Mm Dia Ms Pipe Line with Cement Mortar Lining and Coating Alongwith Other Works Contingent Thereto from I7th Sep 2019
ChandigarhStrengthening/ Rehabilitation of Sewerage Network in Karsan Colony/ Sector 52 Chandigarh7th Sep 2019
ChandigarhSupply and Installation of Surveillance System on Behalf of Haryana Police Academy27th Aug 2019
ChandigarhFabrication of Masts and Accessories, Installation in the Field and Transportation of Technical Stores12th Sep 2019
ChandigarhSupply, Fabrication and Testing of Electrically Exploding Wire Based Opening Switch and Test Bed with Different Quenching Media26th Sep 2019
ChandigarhStrawboard26th Sep 2019
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