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CityTender SummaryDeadline
AmravatiSupply of Electrical Consumable Spare at Ukni Opencast Mine of Wani North Area30th Aug 2019
AmravatiConstruction of Internal Cement Concrete Road at Bus Stop to Village at Khar4th Sep 2019
AmravatiSupplying of 200 Mm Sluice Valve, Non Return Valve and M.S. Bend at Kolarpimpri Extension Open Cast Mine.30th Aug 2019
AmravatiRepairing of Maxflow Make 1000Gpm Pump at Kolarpimpri Extension O.C. Mine. Repairing of 40Kw, 415V, 1473 Rpm Induction Motor for River Bed Raw Water S30th Aug 2019
AmravatiRefurbishing of Chairs at Dr.K.G.Deshmukh Memorial Hall16th Sep 2019
AmravatiRepairing of Pipe Line Leakage and Valve Leakage at Nagar Parishad Chandur Railway31st Aug 2019
AmravatiImprovement of Tar Road at Pdmc Tapovan Surksha Colony from Shri Revade to Tiwari House in Pr No 2_2Nd Call29th Aug 2019
AmravatiConstruction of Slab Drain on Nalla Mouje Aurangabad Tq. Akot in Akola District3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiSupply of Vegetable, Fruits , Meat and Eggs Etc12th Sep 2019
AmravatiSatnoor Feeder Canal Discharge Improvement Work5th Sep 2019
AmravatiPlantation of 700 Plants Along Submergence Canal Damsite of Malegaon Minor Project and Maintenance Upto 3 Years.30th Aug 2019
AmravatiSupply of Food Grains and Grocery12th Sep 2019
AmravatiProviding and Supply of Hot Cook Meal for Anganwadis Center in Urban Areas of Amravati16th Sep 2019
AmravatiCosnt. Of C. C. Road at Shapur, Sonkhas, Chiklagad, Shelu Bazar and Kothari Tq.3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiConst. of C. C. Road at Anjankhed Tq. Dist. Washim ( Under 2515 )3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiConst. of C. C. Road at Vilegaon Tq. Dist. Washim ( Under 2515 )3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiConstruction of Cement Concrete Road from Shetu to Shivaji Nager Board at Kum2nd Sep 2019
AmravatiConstruction of Obstacles at Police headquarter Washim Tq. Dist. Washim3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiRepairs to P.W. Division and Sub-Division office building and construction of Cy3rd Sep 2019
AmravatiSDR to Court Building at Akot in Dist. Akola3rd Sep 2019
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