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WFP Tenders, World Food Programme Tenders/ RFP

WFP is a UN programme dedicated to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition by 2030. World Food Programme came in to existence in December 1961 with headquarter at Rome, Italy.  While assisting 86.7 million people in around 83 countries each year, WFP's efforts focus on emergency assistance, relief and rehabilitation, development aid and special operations. 

Country: Italy

Hq21nf064-Eoi-Quality Support Services for Decentralized Evaluations

TOT Ref No.: 50591002

Deadline: 11 Mar 2021

Country: Afghanistan

Wfp Requirements for Occupational Health/Primary Care Clinic

TOT Ref No.: 50590866

Deadline: 21 Mar 2021

Country: Panama

Expression of Interest (Eoi) No. Pan21.0001.Eoi.Hrd for the Update of the Unhrd Panama Roster of Suppliers 2021

TOT Ref No.: 50590758

Deadline: 22 Mar 2021

Country: Italy

HQ20NF160 - EOI - Supply of WFP branded reusable water bottles

TOT Ref No.: 41706484

Deadline: 26 Mar 2020

Country: Italy

HQ20NF147 EOI-Supply of WFP branded backpacks, jackets and fleece

TOT Ref No.: 41706473

Deadline: 26 Mar 2020

Country: France

HQ20NF142 -EOI Purchase of Diesel generators 650kVA/520kW and related electrical panels and diesel tanks

TOT Ref No.: 41486110

Deadline: 19 Mar 2020

Country: Italy

HQ20NF141-EOI Purchase of UPS 160kVA and related batteries.

TOT Ref No.: 41486104

Deadline: 19 Mar 2020

Country: France

HQ20NF140 -EOI- Office recycling bins for selective waste disposal

TOT Ref No.: 41486097

Deadline: 19 Mar 2020

Country: France

Request for expression of interest

TOT Ref No.: 40493378

Deadline: 15 Feb 2020

Country: United States of America

HQ20NF014 Procurement of transcription service

TOT Ref No.: 40255009

Deadline: 11 Feb 2020

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WFP Procurement

In the year 2018 WFP spent USD 1.6 Billion on food procurement and more than USD 800 on goods and services. The prospective suppliers needs to register on UNFGM platform, in order to access new solicitations and participate in the same.  Get more information on WFP Tenders and Procurement

Get a overview of the Registration Process to be followed by suppliers for inclusion in the WFP vendor database for international food procurement/ WFP Roster.


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