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Tendersontime provides WHO Tenders and other procurement related opps. Apart from providing World Health Organization tenders, Tendersontime also provides other funding agency tenders. The annual procurement volume is around 800 Million USD, which includes: Vaccines, Diagnostic test kits, Lab Equipment, Reagent & Consumables, Hospital Equipment and supplies, LLIN Mosquito nets, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.   

WHO Procurement is done through pre-qualified vendors but some time WHO also procure through UNGM system. Suppliers who are interested to supply to WHO, needs to register on "In Tend" electronic tendering portal. WHO procurement is done at three level: Global, Regional and Country level. Local companies who wish to participate in World Health Organization tenders/WHO Tenders needs to contact respective WHO regional and/or country offices.    

Though WHO procurement is done through recommended suppliers, for most of their requirements for goods and services, but in some cases the products are purchased through Pre-Qualification Programme (PQP), where the main objective is to provide quality drugs and other pharmaceutical items at most optimum price. This is achieved with close co-operation with national drug regulatory authorities and partner agencies.

Country: Congo

Media Outlets and Media Coverage

TOT Ref No.: 54001067

Deadline: 24 Jun 2021

Country: Switzerland

Individual Consultancy - Advocacy and Information Consultant to Raise the Priority Given to the Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Ncds on Global and National Agendas

TOT Ref No.: 54001059

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: United States of America

Renovation of the Who Office at the United Nations [2021-019_dgo-wun_renwun]

TOT Ref No.: 54001057

Deadline: 30 Jun 2021

Country: Sudan

Emergency Rfp Em/sud Provision of Engineering Consultancy Services for the Design and Supervision of Construction and Rehabilitation of Health Centers and Laboratories in Sudan

TOT Ref No.: 54001020

Deadline: 30 Jun 2021

Country: Switzerland

Consultant - Technical Support for Tobacco Control

TOT Ref No.: 54000975

Deadline: 22 Jun 2021

Country: Switzerland

Communications Consultant for Clinical Services and Systems

TOT Ref No.: 54000973

Deadline: 01 Jul 2021

Country: Philippines

Consultant - Ethics

TOT Ref No.: 53953183

Deadline: 20 Jun 2021

Country: Philippines

Consultant - Health Law Tool

TOT Ref No.: 53953182

Deadline: 19 Jun 2021

Country: Congo

Specialized Enterprise for Preventive and Curative Maintenance of Oms Afro Air Conditioning Systems

TOT Ref No.: 53951549

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: Yemen

Itb 6/2021/40 for Medical Equipment for Hospitals in South of Yemen

TOT Ref No.: 53949511

Deadline: 27 Jun 2021

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