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Find below international tenders, e procurement and other procurement related notices from European Commission. European Commission is an International Aid Agency, which provide loans and grants to developing countries. 

Country: Belgium

Selection of the Registry of the .Eu Top-Level Domain Name

TOT Ref No.: 50896016

Deadline: 18 May 2021

Country: Italy

Framework Service Contract for the Collection of Meteorological and Hydrological Observed Data in Support to the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (Ems)

TOT Ref No.: 50896014

Deadline: 15 Mar 2021

Country: Belgium

Furniture for Use in Crèches, Day Nurseries and Kindergartens

TOT Ref No.: 50896012

Deadline: 06 Apr 2021

Country: Italy

Ground Based Observations for Validation of Copernicus Global Land Products — Phase 2

TOT Ref No.: 50846576

Deadline: 04 Mar 2022

Country: Belgium

Provision of External Audit Services

TOT Ref No.: 50807498

Deadline: 15 Apr 2021

Country: Germany

Architectural Services and Building Design Works

TOT Ref No.: 50807497

Deadline: 03 Mar 2022

Country: Belgium

Selection of the Registry of the .Eu Top-Level Domain Name

TOT Ref No.: 50721275

Deadline: 16 Apr 2021

Country: Italy

Services Involving the Transport of Persons to and from Airports, Railway Stations, and Various other Destinations in Connection with the Activities of the Joint Research Centre (Jrc) — Ispra (Va) Sit...

TOT Ref No.: 50721274

Deadline: 14 Apr 2021

Country: Belgium

Supply of Macro-Economic and Financial Data

TOT Ref No.: 50721273

Deadline: 14 Apr 2021

Country: Ireland

Broadcast Services to Provide Eu-Related News for Local and Community Radio Stations in Ireland-Comm/Dub/2021/Op/0058

TOT Ref No.: 50721272

Deadline: 22 Apr 2021

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