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Find below latest Brazil Tenders, eprocurement, etenders and other Public Tenders from Brazil. The information about Tenders in Brazil, is collected from different Government Tenders sources like: newspapers, Brazil official govt tenders websites and e Tendering System.      

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Country: Brazil

Acquisition of Materials for Cup and Kitchen

TOT Ref No.: 44786177

Deadline: 15 Sep 2020

Country: Brazil

Price Registration for the Acquisition of Electric Power Generators.

TOT Ref No.: 44786144

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Price Registration for the Acquisition of Hospital Medical Supplies for the Municipal Health Department

TOT Ref No.: 44786084

Deadline: 19 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Price Registration for Possible Gradual Contracting of Diagnostic Exams Framed in the Medium and High Complexity Services, to Meet the Needs of the Population of the Municipality, According ...

TOT Ref No.: 44786082

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Multislice Computerized Tomography Equipment (16), Radiotherapy Simulation, with Installation and Guarantee, for the Purposes of Confronting the Coronavirus (covid-19), Under the Terms of Law 13.9 ...

TOT Ref No.: 44785881

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Purchase (art. 6, Iii of Law 8,666, of June 21, 1993) of Computer Equipment, for One-time Supply, Exclusively for the Participation of Microenterprises Me, Small Companies ...

TOT Ref No.: 44785683

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Hiring of a Company Specialized in Providing Fuel Management, Control and Supply Services (gasoline, Ethanol and Diesel), Using Magnetic Card Technology ...

TOT Ref No.: 44785682

Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Record Prices for Future and Eventual Hiring of Companies to Purchase Computer Equipment to Serve the Municipal Health Department.

TOT Ref No.: 44785282

Deadline: 24 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

The Purpose of This Trading Session is to Register the Price for Eventual Hiring of a Company for the Acquisition of Materials for Combating and Preventing Covid-19, As Described in the Terms of Reference ...

TOT Ref No.: 44785084

Deadline: 11 Aug 2020

Country: Brazil

Hiring a Specialized Company to Provide Services for Performing Surgeries to Sterilize Dogs and Cats, Males (orchiectomy) and Females (ovary-hysterectomy), As Described ...

TOT Ref No.: 44785083

Deadline: 17 Aug 2020

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Capital Brasilia
ISO 3166 Code BR
Population 203,721,000
Area, Sq KM 8.515.767
Currency Real
Official Language Portuguese
GDP, Billion USD 22,45,673
GDP Growth Rate, % 2.7
Inflation, Avg CP, % 13.75
Interest Rates, %
Unemployement Rate, % 5.6
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 3.10
International dial code +55
Time ZONE GMT-03:00
Internet TLD .br

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