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Global Oil And Gas Tenders and GPN from across the Globe

TendersOnTime provides latest updates on Global Oil And Gas Tenders, Contract Awards and various other opportunities related to Oil And Gas. The information on Oil And Gas tenders is collected from various sources viz: government tenders portal, tender bulletin and public procurement websites.

Country: Russian Federation

Gas-oil Heat Exchanger

TOT Ref No.: 48839011

Deadline: 26 Feb 2021

Country: Japan

Gas Oil for patrol boat "SHIRAKAMI", 255KL,Gas Oil for patrol boat KAMUI, 206KL,Gas Oil for patrol

TOT Ref No.: 39544933

Deadline: 31 Mar 2021

Country: Bulgaria

Gas Oil for Industrial and Communal Purposes (gpcc).

TOT Ref No.: 46569457

Deadline: 14 Oct 2021

Country: Romania

Provision of Sand Control Services for Oil and Gas Wells

TOT Ref No.: 48549779

Deadline: 01 Feb 2021

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Supply of Gas Oil for Traction Purposes for Use in Uk Railway Vehicles

TOT Ref No.: 47787951

Deadline: 23 Nov 2021

Country: United States of America

Maintenance and Repair of Gas and Oil Burners Usag Wiesbaden

TOT Ref No.: 48762702

Deadline: 22 Jan 2021

Country: Kuwait

Natural Gas Fuel Heater Heat Exchange Oils

TOT Ref No.: 48675366

Deadline: 28 Feb 2021

Country: France

Dynamic purchasing system: Services related to the oil and gas industry

TOT Ref No.: 36296547

Deadline: 09 Sep 2023

Country: Russian Federation

-urengoyskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field, Urengoyskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field, Samburgskoye Oil and Gas

TOT Ref No.: 48950391

Deadline: 28 Jan 2021

Country: Germany

Gas Supply Contract for Bkk Mobil Oil in 29221 Celle

TOT Ref No.: 49096653

Deadline: 22 Jan 2021

Country: Belarus

Purchase of Oil to Compensate for Waste, for Two Gas Compressor Units Based on Jms 612gs-n.lc Gas

TOT Ref No.: 49072459

Deadline: 22 Jan 2021

Country: Japan

(Gas Oil (Tax, Exemption)). Combustion Engine Oil and 12 Items. about 715Kl (Fuel Oil A) and about 158K...

TOT Ref No.: 49032071

Deadline: 25 Feb 2021

Country: Kuwait

Spare Parts Required for Transformer Section for Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Tester

TOT Ref No.: 47627847

Deadline: 09 Feb 2021

Country: Romania

Supply of Hydraulic Pliers and Related Spare Parts Necessary for the Intervention Activity in Oil

TOT Ref No.: 46354933

Deadline: 07 Oct 2021

Country: Russian Federation

Provision of Services for Technical Inspection of Vehicles of the Chayandinskoye Oil and Gas

TOT Ref No.: 48950434

Deadline: 29 Jan 2021

Country: Russian Federation

Reconstruction of Production Well No. 224 Bush 6 of the Yurkharovskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field

TOT Ref No.: 46636543

Deadline: 28 Jan 2021

Country: Romania

Filter Elements Related to Combined Cycle Central Oil, Air and Gas Filters - Cte Bucuresti Vest

TOT Ref No.: 48710149

Deadline: 25 Jan 2021

Country: Ukraine

20p-133_45250000-4 Construction of Plants / Installations, Mining and Processing Facilities and Oil

TOT Ref No.: 48832184

Deadline: 24 Jan 2021

Country: Ukraine

and Oil and Gas Infrastructure Facilities (“turnkey Work”. Reconstruction of the First Stage of Gas Compre...

TOT Ref No.: 49000460

Deadline: 29 Jan 2021

Country: Russian Federation

(for the Gas Processing Service of the Urengoyskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field)

TOT Ref No.: 48446585

Deadline: 18 Feb 2021

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