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ISDB Tenders - Find below international tenders, e procurement and other procurement related notices from Islamic Development Bank (ISDB). Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) is an International Aid Agency, which provide loans and grants to developing countries. Tendersontime covers information which includes Tenders, projects, procurement plans, contract award, RRF, RFQ, Expression of Interest, and Notice Inviting Tenders from all funding agencies.

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Pavement of Roads

TOT Ref No.: 50592509

Deadline: 28 Mar 2021

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Establishment of Al Mughayer Secondary School for Boys

TOT Ref No.: 50554271

Deadline: 18 Mar 2021

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Supplying Educational and Office Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 50355205

Deadline: 23 Mar 2021

Country: Lebanon

Consulting Services for the Supervision of the Supply and Installation of Medical and Non- Medical Equipment for around 28 Governmental Hospitals

TOT Ref No.: 50099102

Deadline: 09 Mar 2021

Country: Cameroon

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Equipment, Medico-Technical Materials

TOT Ref No.: 50018694

Deadline: 09 Mar 2021

Country: Mauritania

Support for Agricultural Transformation

TOT Ref No.: 49572923

Deadline: 03 Mar 2021

Country: Mali

Deepening Work of Ponds for Watering Livestock

TOT Ref No.: 49572922

Deadline: 10 Mar 2021

Country: Suriname

Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design for New Hospital on the Premises of the Academic Hospital

TOT Ref No.: 49556062

Deadline: 14 Jan 2022

Country: Cameroon

Design and Supply of Machinery and Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 49268846

Deadline: 17 Mar 2021

Country: Nigeria

Drilling of 5,000 Tube wells Goods

TOT Ref No.: 48628613

Deadline: 19 Mar 2021

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