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Country: Saint Lucia

Preparation of Designs for Check Dams and Riverbank Stabilisation for the Vieux Fort River and Capacity Building for Hydrometric Monitoring

TOT Ref No.: 55051578

Deadline: 10 Aug 2021

Country: Saint Lucia

Formulation of an Integrated, Sustainable Road Transport Policy and Strategic Roadmap for Implementation

TOT Ref No.: 54802604

Deadline: 25 Aug 2021

Country: Jamaica

Supply and Installation of Pump and Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 54776835

Deadline: 20 Aug 2021

Country: Jamaica

Supply of Customer and Production Water Meters, Handheld Reader and Software for Irrigation System

TOT Ref No.: 54430449

Deadline: 12 Aug 2021

Country: Belize

Road Safety Curriculum

TOT Ref No.: 40707315

Deadline: 03 Mar 2020

Country: Saint Lucia

Develop a Closure and Post Closure Plan for Vieux Fort Landfill

TOT Ref No.: 40572524

Deadline: 04 Mar 2020

Country: Jamaica

Middleton JAS Rural Feeder Road Rehabilitation - St. Thomas

TOT Ref No.: 40549402

Deadline: 04 Mar 2020

Country: Saint Lucia

Development of Operations Manuals, Youth Reintegration Toolkit and Gender Equality Guidance Note for the Youth Recidivism Reduction and Out-of-School Suspension Programmes

TOT Ref No.: 40429970

Deadline: 25 Feb 2020

Country: Jamaica

Consultancy Services for the Design and Supervision of Mount Moriah Primary Rehabilitation - (St. Ann) and Design and Supervision of Grange Hill Primary Expansion and Rehabilitation - (Westmoreland)

TOT Ref No.: 40429967

Deadline: 11 Feb 2020

Country: Montserrat

Design-Build Contracting Services for the Montserrat Port Development

TOT Ref No.: 40428717

Deadline: 03 Mar 2020

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