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UN-Women Tenders, United Nations Women Tenders/ RFP

UN Women is the United Nations entity formed in July 2010 with headquarter at New York City. The main aim of UN-Women is to bring gender equality and the empowerment of women/girls. 

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Procurement at UN-Women

Each year UN-Women spends more than USD 150 million towards the procurement of various goods and services. Procurement notices are published on UNGM or the new e-procurement platform. UN-Women generally use 4 types of solicitation methods:    

  • Micro-purchasing – Used for the procurement of readily available, off-the-shelf goods or standard-specification commodities.    
  • Request for quotation (RFQ) – Commonly used for the procurement of goods or straightforward services, or civil works that can be locally sourced.    
  • Request for proposals (RFP) – Used for the procurement of complex services and/or goods, where the desired inputs and/or outputs cannot quantitatively and qualitatively be expressed in sufficient details at the time the invitation is made.    
  • Invitation to bid (ITB) – Generally used for purchasing goods where the procurement volume promotes open international competition.