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UNICEF Tenders, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund Tenders/ RFP

Established in 1946 with headquarter in New York, USA, UNICEF is working in more than 190 countries to protect the rights of every child and their continuous up-liftment. The main thrust areas of UNICEF working are: Child protection and inclusion, Child survival, Health, Food and nutrition, Education, reaching every child in emergencies, gender equality and innovating to drive results for every child. 

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Country: Afghanistan

Provision of Furniture & Office Equipment for Unicef Mazar

TOT Ref No.: 48023696

Deadline: 03 Dec 2020

Country: Panama

Understanding the Manifestations, Drivers and Impacts of Child Marriage and Early Unions in the Caribbean

TOT Ref No.: 47751292

Deadline: 02 Dec 2020

Country: Uganda

Request for Expressions of Interest to Provide Design and Supervision Services for the Construction of Common Premises for Unicef and Wfp in Kampala

TOT Ref No.: 47751283

Deadline: 14 Dec 2020

Country: Madagascar

Conduct of an Identification, Aps & Apd Study of a Desalinization Pilot Unit and of the Supervision and Control of the Implementation Work of the Desalinization Pilot Project

TOT Ref No.: 47732822

Deadline: 04 Dec 2020

Country: Iraq

One-Time Procurement for Brand New Weight Bridge for Trucks to be Delivered to Mayoralty Authorities in Baghdad

TOT Ref No.: 47720900

Deadline: 13 Dec 2020

Country: Kazakhstan

Rfp for the Supply of Rabies Immunoglobulins for 2021-2022

TOT Ref No.: 47710613

Deadline: 11 Dec 2020

Country: Nigeria

Renovation of Unicef Enugu Field Office as Per Attached Architectural Drawings, Boq and Terms of Reference

TOT Ref No.: 47710610

Deadline: 04 Dec 2020

Country: Republic of Moldova

Unicef Moldova Rfp 9163328, Design and Conduct a Baseline Assessment Eu4moldova Focal Regions Programme in Cahul and Ungheni, Focusing on Child and Adolescents- Related Interventions

TOT Ref No.: 47710609

Deadline: 07 Dec 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Consultancy Service to Undertake National Study on the Situations of out of School Children in Ethiopia.

TOT Ref No.: 47710603

Deadline: 16 Dec 2020

Country: Afghanistan

Rfp-Dan-2020-503251 for Mopv2 Bulk and Possible Conversion into Finished Product

TOT Ref No.: 47710599

Deadline: 15 Jan 2021

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UNICEF Procurement

Procurement at UNICEF is handled by Procurement Service, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Procurement Services provides access to UNICEF’s supply networks, experience and expertise to procure strategic, essential commodities for children. Based in Copenhagen, UNICEF's Supply Division handles the logistics for vaccines, antiretroviral medicines for children and mothers with HIV, nutritional supplements, emergency shelters, family reunification, and educational supplies.  

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