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UNHCR Tenders, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Tenders/ RFP

Established in 1950, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  UNHCR is a United Nations agency with the mandate to protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people, and assist in their voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement to a third country. 

Suppliers wishing to supply to UNHCR,  will need to register as a potential supplier via the UNHCR Supplier Portal. It is to be noted that UNHCR Supplier Portal uses the term Event instead of Tender.

Country: United States of America

This Tender Meets the Requirements to be Considered as Sustainable. Click on the Notice to Learn More. Provision of Bottled Water of 0.6 Litres for Unhcr Addis Ababa

TOT Ref No.: 49220192

Deadline: 19 Jan 2021

Country: Iraq

Upgrading of Water Storage and Distribution System in Arbat Refugee Camp, Sulaymaniyah Governerate, Iraq.

TOT Ref No.: 49134727

Deadline: 09 Feb 2021

Country: Bangladesh

Lead Buying (Co-Registration) for the Private Sector Partnerships Services of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Sub-Office Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

TOT Ref No.: 49099565

Deadline: 14 Jan 2021

Country: Uganda

For the Establishment of a Frame Agreement for Provision of Telephone Helpline Services,Customer Relationship Management & Maintenance to Unhcr Representation in Uganda

TOT Ref No.: 49099534

Deadline: 02 Feb 2021

Country: Nigeria

Request for Proposal: Rfp/Nig/Abj/Sup/01/2021 for the Establishment of a Frame Agreement for the Maintenance of Generators.

TOT Ref No.: 49033488

Deadline: 03 Feb 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Request for Proposal for the Recruitment of Financial Services Providers for Delivering Cash-Based Interventions for Unhcr in Drc

TOT Ref No.: 48690526

Deadline: 28 Feb 2021

Country: Greece

Rfp-Grc-2020-012 for the Establishment of Frame Agreements for the Provision of Vehicle Rental Services for Unhcr in Greece

TOT Ref No.: 48250399

Deadline: 18 Dec 2021

Country: Switzerland

Request for Proposal: No. Rfp/2020/023 for the Establishment of a Service Contract for the Provision of Replenishment of Meeting Rooms

TOT Ref No.: 48250393

Deadline: 31 Jan 2021

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Projet De Realisation D-Un Systeme De Cablage Structure Pour Le Compte Du Bureau Unhcr Kinshasa En Republique Democratique Du Congo

TOT Ref No.: 48136372

Deadline: 07 Jan 2021

Country: Ethiopia

Request for Expression of Interest (Eoi/2020/002) for the Solarization of Unhcr Deep Field Compounds

TOT Ref No.: 48136370

Deadline: 15 Jan 2021

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Supplying to UNHCR

UNHCR's Division of Emergency, Security and Supply (DESS) comprises the Procurement Service (PS), and the Supply Management and Logistics Service (SMLS). These are responsible for global supply chain management, operational support, planning and reporting on the use of resources. 

This includes the procurement of goods and services to support field operations and headquarter provision of logistical support to field operations, warehouse, stockpile, and fleet and asset management. The department oversees all supply aspects of the enterprise resource planning system and supports roll-out to the field. It also provides functional (supply chain management) training and support. Click here to learn more on UNHCR Procurement.

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