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United Nation Development Programme Tenders, RFP and Procurement Notices

Procurement in UNDP is decentralized, which means all activities in the procurement cycle are managed by local country office. The Procurement Services Unit (PSU) acts as facilitator to country office and provides targeted training, direct assistance, and tools and systems to facilitate the procurement process. 

Procurement above 5000 USD is coordinated by the Central Procurement Unit (CPU) which is based in New York. CPU acts as central bureaus within UNDP to ensure cost and time efficiency, required compliance and added value to clients. Three dedicated teams of procurement specialists of Global Procurement Unit (GPU), which is based in Copenhagen; provides services in below thematic areas: Crisis recovery, energy and environment (CREE), Health and Elections.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Ic 2021-47 National Expert Agricultural Sector (Kgz10 - 2021-47)

TOT Ref No.: 54073000

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Ic 2021-48 National Expert Manufacturing Industry (Kgz10 - 2021-48)

TOT Ref No.: 54072998

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Ic 2021-53 National Expert Agricultural Sector (Kgz10 - 2021-53)

TOT Ref No.: 54072996

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Ic 2021-54 National Expert Infrastructure Projects (Kgz10 - 2021-54)

TOT Ref No.: 54072994

Deadline: 25 Jun 2021

Country: Mauritania

Recruitment of an International Study Office for the Development of the Second Equity Plan for the National Accelerated Growth and Shared Prosperity Strategy (scapp) 2021-2025

TOT Ref No.: 54048946

Deadline: 17 Jun 2021

Country: Kazakhstan

Ic Ref.2021-077 National Business Development Expert / National Business Development Expert

TOT Ref No.: 54032982

Deadline: 24 Jun 2021

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Invitation to Submitting Grant Applications for "support for Legal Awareness and Promoting a Stronger Culture of the Rule of Law"

TOT Ref No.: 54032969

Deadline: 21 Jun 2021

Country: Bangladesh

Supplying Lot-1: 66,600 Pcs Re-Usable and Washable Fabric Mask (Kn95 Shape) and Lot-2: 66,600 Pcs. Antiseptic Soap (100 Gm) to the 09 Districts and Dhaka. (Bgd10 - Rfq-21-009)

TOT Ref No.: 54024803

Deadline: 24 Jun 2021

Country: Ukraine

Procurement of Water Tank on Truck Chassis (For Establishment of 1+4 Years Lon Term Arrangement)

TOT Ref No.: 54024800

Deadline: 21 Jun 2021

Country: Botswana

Individual Consultant to Develop a Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

TOT Ref No.: 54024797

Deadline: 24 Jun 2021

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Supplying To UNDP

Since the procurement at UNDP is decentralized, the Country Office is responsible for managing the complete cycle of procurement. However The Procurement Oversight Unit (POU), an independent unit within the Bureau for Management Services, reviews contracts that exceed the delegated authority of the Business Unit. More on Supplying to UNDP

The POU ensures that procurement undertaken by UNDP Business Units complies with relevant guidelines, and that procurement risks are properly assessed and mitigated.To ensure consistency across all offices and business units, UNDP uses standard bidding documents, which are available in English, Spanish and French.

Examples of goods and services frequently procured by UNDP country offices include:


  • Computer Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles, Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Computer Software, Licensing and Maintenance
  • Management Information Systems
  • Satellite Communication Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Machinery and Consumables
  • Fuel
  • Generators
  • Security Appliances
  • Uniforms


  • Transportation
  • International and Local Consultants
  • Facilities Rental / Leasing
  • Conference Organizing
  • Printing, Publishing and Bookbinding Services
  • Construction and Engineering Services
  • Cargo Transport, Warehousing and Storage
  • Project Management
  • IT Services
  • Evaluation Services

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