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Upcoming Morocco Tenders in 2020 | E Procurement, RFP, EOI, E Tender and RFQ

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco is a North African country falling in the Maghreb region. While Rabat is the capital of the country, Casablanca is the largest city Casablanca. Morocco is spread over 710,850 km2 with total population of over 36 million. The official language of Morocco are Arabic and Berber. TendersOnTime covers all Public Procurement notices from various Morocco government agencies.

Considered as one of the major liberal economy in the African continent, Morocco's half GDP comes from the services sector. The sectors which contribute maximum are: tourism, telecommunication and IT etc. Morocco is a member of the Arab League, the Union for the Mediterranean and the African Union.

Morocco is the Fifth largest economy in African continent with total GDP of 328 651 Million USD (as per IMF 2019 Estimate, based on PPP basis). Accordingly, at an average of 18%, Morocco Public Procurement market size comes out to be about 59, 157 Million USD. The total GNI per Capita in Morocco is USD 3020 and the country stands at 123 position on Human Development Index with 0.667 points.

The Public Procurement in Morocco is supervised and regulated by Commission Nationale de la Commande Publique (CNCP); which is a 12 members procurement regulatory body established in January 2018. CNCP is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing Public Procurement, bring transparency and efficiency, and most importantly establishing proper mechanism to handle complaints, arising out of procurement contracts.

 As per World Bank Doing Business report, May 2019 Morocco is at 53 position with the total score of 73.4. To know more about how other economies are performing on this parameter, please read the full report at: World Bank Doing Business Report, 2019.

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Morocco Sector Tenders

  • Agriculture And Food
  • Computer And Related Services
  • Construction And Real Estate
  • Defence And Security
  • Education
  • Energy And Related Services
  • Environment And Sanitation
  • Finance And Related Services
  • Materials And Products
  • Mining And Ores
  • Other Services
  • Printing And Publishing
  • Research And Development
  • Technology And Equipment
  • Transport And Related Services
  • Morocco Public Procurement

    Morocco needs to take more efforts for bringing transparency and efficiency in Public Procurement function. To know more about how Morocco is performing on various parameters related with Public Procurement like: 

    • Needs assessment, call for tender, and bid preparation score
    • Bid submission score
    • Bid opening, evaluation and award score
    • Content and management of procurement contract score
    • Performance guarantee score
    • Payment of suppliers score

    Please read The World Bank Report on: Benchmarking-Public-Procurement-2017    

    In order to assess Government Capability to Prepare, Procure and Manage projects on PPP basis, The World Bank has prepared a benchmarking report in 2017 and have evaluated various countries on the basis of below parameters: 

    • Preparation of PPPs
    • Procurement of PPPs
    • Unsolicited Proposals
    • PPP Contract Management

    Read complete Benchmarking Public-Private-Partnerships Procurement 2017.

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