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MCA Tenders - Find below international tenders, e procurement and other procurement related notices from Millennium Challenge Account (MCA). Find Below Global Tenders and Projects from Millennium Challenge Account (MCA). 

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) is an International Aid Agency, which provide loans and grants to developing countries.  Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) is the local implementation agency in the fund recipient country, to which MCC has extended the grant. The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a USA based bilateral aid agency with primary objective of poverty reduction in poor third world countries which are committed to good governance, economic freedom, and investing in their citizens. 

MCC was created by the U.S. Congress in January 2004. There are two primary types of MCC grants: Compacts: Large, five-year grants for selected countries that meet MCC s eligibility criteria Threshold Programs: Smaller grants focused on policy and institutional reform in selected countries that are close to MCC s eligibility criteria and show a firm commitment towards improvement in their policy performance. 

MMC has unique way of partnering with poor countries. In first phase the recipient country is evaluated on the basis of set parameters. Then the selected country is asked to identify its priorities for achieving sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. MCC help the recipient country to refine the program and finalize the same with broad consensus among other stake holder. 

In the final stage a Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) is opened, which is the responsible agency to implement the program. Strict audit trail is maintained audited by independent auditors so that transparency and accountability is maintained. MCC has well documented Program Procurement Guidelines define the procurement policies and procedures for MCC partner countries with signed Compacts.

Country: Cote d'Ivoire

Recruitment of Technical Evaluators for the Evaluation of Proposals / Offers

TOT Ref No.: 44036547

Deadline: 23 Jul 2020

Country: Senegal

Translators and Interpreters Firm

TOT Ref No.: 43954798

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Firm for Baseline Study

TOT Ref No.: 43954797

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Network / Bart implementation_ IT Tools Acquisition

TOT Ref No.: 43954796

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Audit Firm

TOT Ref No.: 43954795

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Firm for Battery Storage Activity

TOT Ref No.: 43954794

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Firm to Design a Public Information and Electricity Literacy Campaign

TOT Ref No.: 43954793

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Manage Grid Audit (Technical Regulations)

TOT Ref No.: 43954792

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Technical Advisory Firm for Reform Project

TOT Ref No.: 43954791

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Country: Senegal

Improving the MV Network GIS Database (Firm to Install GIS Software and Database, Manage GIS Imaging)

TOT Ref No.: 43954790

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

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MCC countries establish “accountable entities” or “MCA Entities” to implement the Compacts and conduct the procurement of goods, works, and consultant and non-consultant services. The Guidelines become effective once a Compact is signed with an MCC partner country. Till date MCC has invested more than $13 billion in compact and threshold programs worldwide in areas like: agriculture and irrigation, anti-corruption, education, energy and power, finance and enterprise development, health, land rights and access to land, transportation infrastructure (roads, bridges, ports) and water supply and sanitation. 

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