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Latest Kenya News, Tenders Kenya, KRA, and IFMIS Tenders

The public procurement process in Kenya is regulated by The Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005, which came in to effect on 1st January, 2007 with publication in gazette as "The Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations, 2006".

The Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 gave power to create two important entities viz: The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) and The Public Procurement Advisory Board (PPAB). To address the complaints in Public Procurement function the old body was retained with new name as:Public Procurement Administrative Review Board (PPARB). 

In order to safeguard the interest of a certain section of the society like women, youth and persons with disability and to increase their participation in nation building, The Govt of Kenya came up with a special program named as: The Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO). Under this program 30% of the Public Procurement is earmarked for these three categories viz: enterprises owned by women, youth and persons with disability.

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Kenya Sector Tenders

  • Agriculture And Food
  • Computer And Related Services
  • Construction And Real Estate
  • Defence And Security
  • Education
  • Energy And Related Services
  • Environment And Sanitation
  • Finance And Related Services
  • Materials And Products
  • Mining And Ores
  • Other Services
  • Printing And Publishing
  • Research And Development
  • Technology And Equipment
  • Transport And Related Services
  • As per IMF 2018 estimates, Kenyan GDP is to cross 90 Billion USD. With approximate 15% of spend on Public Procurement this amounts to huge 6 Billion USD worth of opportunities.     

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