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Find latest updates on Kenya Tenders,  IFMIS Tenders, KRA Tenders, Kenya Government Tenders, Kenya Public Tenders and Kenya News.  The public procurement process in Kenya is regulated by The Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005, which came in to effect on 1st January, 2007 with publication in gazette as "The Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations, 2006".

The Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 gave power to create two important entities viz: The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) and The Public Procurement Advisory Board (PPAB). To address the complaints in Public Procurement function the old body was retained with new name as:Public Procurement Administrative Review Board (PPARB). 

In order to safeguard the interest of a certain section of the society like women, youth and persons with disability and to increase their participation in nation building, The Govt of Kenya came up with a special program named as: The Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO). Under this program 30% of the Public Procurement is earmarked for these three categories viz: enterprises owned by women, youth and persons with disability.

TendersOnTime is the biggest global procurement facilitator, processing 40,000 new business opportunities and e procurement tenders from various countries and sectors. Find below latest Kenya Tenders, eprocurement, etenders and other Public Tenders from Kenya. The information about Kenya Government Tenders / Advertised Tenders is collected from different sources like: newspapers, Kenya official govt tender websites and e Tendering System.

Being the biggest tender aggregator, TendersOnTime process all types of tenders from Kenya. Few tender types include: EOI / expression of interest, bidding, GPN and Online auctions.

How It Works?

TendersOnTime is in tender business for more than two decades and brings cutting edge technologies to provide superiors experience to its clients. Being the most authentic Kenya Tenders Database and successful tender site, TendersOnTime is the undisputed leader in online tenders business. In order to be comprehensive in Kenya tenders and other public procurement information, TendersOnTime leaves no stone un-turned and collects procurement opportunities from various sources in Kenya. Some examples of Kenya Government Contracts and Tenders Sources are:

  • Kenya Central Govt Tenders sites
  • Kenya Central Public Procurement Portal
  • Kenya Council Tenders sites
  • Kenya Department Tenders sites
  • Kenya e procurement tenders list
  • Kenya e tender portal
  • Kenya eTendering System
  • Kenya Federal Government Tenders
  • Kenya Government Eprocurement system
  • Kenya Government Market Place
  • Kenya government tender bulletin
  • Kenya government tenders sites
  • Kenya Government Tenders Sources
  • Kenya govt tenders websites
  • Kenya Ministry Tenders Sites
  • Kenya Municipal Corporation Tenders
  • Kenya Public Procurement Board
  • Kenya Public Procurement Portal
  • Kenya Public Procurement System
  • Kenya State Procurement Board
  • Kenya States Tenders
  • Kenya tender bulletin
  • Kenya tender information system
  • Kenya tender websites
  • Kenya Tenders Listing Portal
Visitors interested in supplying to Kenya government can Register on the site and can search and download virtually unlimited number of tender notices, public tender, govt tenders. Users interested in specific notices can use the advance tender search option and search tenders by various parameters like bid deadline, live/active tender, archive tender, funded tenders, current tenders, CPV and Kenya Free Tenders etc.

Paid members get unrestricted access to tender portal and customized tender alert services for Kenya Tenders.

Services Provided Related to Kenya Tenders:

TendersOnTime also helps bidders by way of providing local agent services in Kenya with the help of its associate and partners. The agents provide end to end support in procurement process including but not limited to - purchase of tender document, providing information on Kenya Private Tenders, submission of tender documents and in etendering. Our partner in Kenya also help the bidders in many other tender process steps like - e tender registration etc.

If you are planning to supply to any department of Kenya government and have questions like:  how to apply for a tender in Kenya, what is tendering process in Kenya or e tendering process; then please be rest assured that you need not to handle the intricacies of tendering process and our agent will handle everything for you.

TendersOnTime conduct seminar and conferences in association with experts having vast experience about Public Procurement in Kenya. The topics generally covered in seminars/conferences are:

  • What is tender process meaning?
  • How to get government tenders in Kenya?
  • How to fill tender online in Kenya?
  • How to register for e tendering in Kenya?
  • How to fill e tender form online
  • How to prepare a tender document
  • How to apply for tender in Kenya
  • How to fill tenders?
  • How to apply for e tender in Kenya?
  • How to win a tender in Kenya?
  • How to get a tender in Kenya?
  • What is tendering process in Kenya?
  • What is the tender procedure in Kenya?
  • How to how to search tenders in Kenya?
  • Which is the Best Tenders Portal in Kenya?
  • Which is the Best website for Kenya Government Tenders?
  • List of Bid Facilitation and Consultancy Services providers in Kenya
  • How to search tenders in Kenya?
  • Where to get Local Agent Support for Tenders in Kenya?
  • Winning Tenders in Kenya
  • Most famous tenders website in Kenya
  • Tender alert service provider in Kenya
  • Tenders information provider in Kenya
  • Tenders Information Sites in Kenya
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  • Where to Search Kenya Govt Tenders
There are couple of other services related with tender bidding process in Kenya, which TendersOnTime provides. Our associates are always in contact with various tender departments in Kenya, in order to provide below other services:

  • Tender submission
  • Preparation of tender document
  • Tender status - at which stage of evaluation?
  • Tendering process definition
To know more about the complete list of services, offered by TendersOnTime, please the page: Bidding Services

Industry Sectors Covered in Kenya:

TendersOnTime is the best tender website for Kenya public procurement and other various such opportunities. Though, we cover all industry segments in Kenya Public procurement domain, some of the main sectors are as below:

  • Kenya construction tenders
  • Kenya security tenders
  • Kenya Defence Tenders
  • Kenya Environment Tenders
  • Kenya IT Tenders
  • Kenya Software Tenders
  • Kenya Oil and Gas Tenders
  • Kenya Printing Tenders
  • Kenya Infrastructure Tenders
  • Kenya Railway Tenders
  • Kenya Consultancy Tenders
  • Kenya Aviation Tenders
  • Kenya Telecom Tenders
  • Kenya Public Works Procurement
  • Kenya ICT Procurement
To know more about the complete list of sectors covered by TendersOnTime, please this page: Tenders by Sectors

Specific Government Organizations Covered by TendersOnTime:

  • department of defence tenders
  • government catering tenders
  • education tenders
  • government security tenders
  • department of labour tenders
  • government printing works tenders
  • cleaning tenders kenya
  • health department tenders
  • government canteen tenders
Publish Tenders in Kenya:

Every bidder sometimes is also a purchaser. They need to purchase various items and services, required as input to manufacture the end product which they supply to government. Here the efficiency in procurement matters a lot. Tender advertisement in newspaper is not a proactive approach and hence has its own limitations. Organization interested in publishtenders can publish various types of tender notices likes:

  • Kenya Invitation to tender / ITT
  • Kenya Global tenders/ Kenya International Tenders
  • Kenya Domestic Tenders/ National tenders
  • Kenya Limited tender
  • Kenya General Procurement Notice / GPN
  • Kenya Expression of Interest / EOI
  • Kenya Pre-Qualification Notice
  • Kenya Open tender/ Limited Tender
  • Kenya Bids and tenders
The best part is- The tender publishers can upload the complete tender document, corrigendum, addendum, Terms of Reference / TOR, Special Condition of Contract, General Condition of Contract, Bill of Quantity, tender contract and many more. Purchasers can opt for publishing a single tender or can subscribe to various other packages which suits their requirement. Our ultimate objective is to provide superior experience to purchasers. Below are some of the main advantages of Publishing Tenders on TendersOnTime:

  • Superior Approach, High ROI
  • Instantaneous Global Reach
  • Very Economical
  • Other Benefits like - no limitation on size of the notice and provision to upload soft copy of tender document
To know more about the advantages of Publishing Tenders on TendersOnTime, please the page: Publish Tenders

Kenya Contract Awards:

In order to survive in the competitive market, tenderer need to have the complete information about Kenya Procurement and Contracts, specially who won the last contract and at what price? If you want to know which of your competitor won the contract in Kenya, you can subscribe to premium tender package of TendersOnTime and can have information on awarded tenders in Kenya. The information on Kenya federal contract awards, tender result and government contract awards is very comprehensive and updated.

To know more about Kenya Contract award information, please the page: Contract Awards

Kenya Projects Database:

Having advance and accurate projects information, especially in case of large projects provides head start to the bidders. Bidders can plan in advance and pitch to the purchasers with their capability statement. TendersOnTime provides latest update on various type of future projects in Kenya. Some examples are:

  • Kenya public private partnership project
  • Kenya government contract
  • Kenya turnkey project
  • Kenya build operate transfer project
  • Kenya Infrastructure Project
  • Kenya BOT/BOOT Projects
  • Kenya Software Projects Etc.
Visitors interested in knowing more about various projects in Kenya can visit this page: Projects

Kenya Feasibility Study Report:

Conducting feasibility study is the starting point of any project. Though there is more more step before the purchaser order the feasibility study of any project, which is Pre-Feasibility study but that not so critical when it comes to project implementation. The major activities like financing, selection of technology and bidding etc depends on the Detailed Projects Report /DPR, which comes out when a consultant conducts the Feasibility study of the project. The very purpose of feasibility study is to know about the viability of the envisaged project.

What is the importance of feasibility study? It plays a very important role in the success of any project.  There are various types of feasibility study like: project feasibility study, economic feasibility study, financial feasibility study etc. There are various components of a feasibility study. 

To know more about the Feasibility Study, visitors can visit this page: Feasibility Study

Kenya E-Tender:

Maintaining transparency and efficiency is the most important aspect in Public Procurement. The earlier method of procurement was prone to corruption and discretion. Like Kenya government, many organizations in various countries are embracing E-Tendering, as their preferred method of procurement. There are other various advantages of eTender like: Speed, equal treatment, global participation, lesser cost of procurement, MIS and better monitoring etc. To know more about eTender, please visit this page: E-Tenders

Kenya Partner Program:

TendersOnTime always welcome like-minded professionals who wants to get associated and provide their services to business community at large. Those who are looking for starting your own business or want to have some kind of franchise business, can join the partner program of TendersOnTime. The program provides excellent business opportunities to those who are interested in home-based business.

TendersOnTime is the market leader in business to business segment and provides world best business opportunity in the area of business marketing. Franchise opportunities provided by TendersOnTime are the excellent way to make money, especially for women. To know more about our partner program, please visit this page: Partner Program

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Deadline: 17 Mar 2024

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Kenya Public Procurement

As per IMF 2018 estimates, Kenyan GDP is to cross 90 Billion USD. With approximate 15% of spend on Public Procurement this amounts to huge 6 Billion USD worth of opportunities.     

Being the most authentic tenders information aggregator, TendersOnTime plays an important role in aggregating info from various sources like:  KERRA Tenders, KPCL Tenders, Cooperative bank of Kenya contacts and treasury tenders etc. TendersOnTime covers from various county like: Kwale county tenders,Nairobi county tenders, Kitui county tenders etc.    

With the help of our local associates, TendersOnTime help bidders in various tendering process in Kenya like: getting AGPO registration, AGPO certificate, IFMIS registration,procurement cycle and registration on Nairobi city county portal.     

TendersOnTime collects tenders in Kenya from NGO like: Plan international Kenya tenders,KISM Kenya tenders etc. The other organization tenders which we cover are: Kenya pipeline tenders,insurance regulatory authority Kenya, Kenya power tenders, KPA tenders, KRA tenders,construction tenders Kenya, Kenya ports authority tenders, Kenya railways tenders and national treasury tenders.

Public Procurement in any country can be divided in to 3 major categories and accordingly in Kenya also, TendersOnTime covers all 3 types of procurement categories like:

  • Kenya Goods and Supply Tenders
  • Kenya Services Tenders
  • Kenya Works Tenders

Kenya has taken major strides in bringing transparency and efficiency in Public Procurement function. To know more about how Kenya is performing on various parameters related with Public Procurement like:   

  • Needs assessment, call for tender, and bid preparation score
  • Bid submission score
  • Bid opening, evaluation and award score
  • Content and management of procurement contract score
  • Performance guarantee score Payment of suppliers score

Please read The World Bank Report on: Benchmarking-Public-Procurement-2017

TendersOnTime provides Kenya Tenders, ICBs, RFQ, E Procurement Notices, Municipal Corporation, Ministry Departments, Online E Tenders and all Kenya Government Tenders. Register to get latest information about : Kenya latest/Local Tenders, Kenya tenders, Kenya RFP, RFQ Listing, Kenya international tenders, Kenya Commercial Opportunities and Trade Tenders. Our associates in Kenya region send us tender details published in local newspapers, which is the biggest advantage our client can have.

Kenya Infrastructure Projects Financing and Execution:

In order to meet the ever-growing requirement of infrastructure and utilities, the government of Kenya creates new assets, acting as the owner of the project. All these projects are procured through various mode. TendersOnTime covers all such types of procurement, and some of them are:

  • Kenya EPC Projects and Tenders- Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Kenya EPCI Projects and Tenders - Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation
  • Kenya LSTK Projects and Tenders - Lump Sum Turn Key
  • Kenya FEED Package - Front End Engineering Design
  • Kenya EPCM Projects and Tenders - Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
  • EPIC Projects and Tenders - Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning
  • PMC Projects and Tenders - Project Management Consultant
  • Kenya Infrastructure Tenders
  • Kenya SME Tenders
  • Kenya Public Works Tenders and Contracts

Like any other country, Kenya also strive to provide best in class infrastructure facilities and utilities to its citizens. Since, infrastructure projects are typically capital intensive, conventional form of financing like budgetary allocation by Kenya government cannot meet this requirement. The most obvious option to create the infrastructure at fast pace is to involve the Private Sector through PPP (Public Private Partnership). There are various modes of engagement between the private sector and the government of Kenya. TendersOnTime covers all types of PPP models in Kenya. Some of these models are:

  • Kenya Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Projects
  • Kenya Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Projects
  • Kenya Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) Projects
  • Kenya Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer (BOLT) Projects
  • Kenya Lease-Develop-Operate (LDO) Projects
  • Kenya Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer (ROT) Projects
  • Kenya Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) Projects

In order to assess Government Capability to Prepare, Procure and Manage projects on PPP basis, The World Bank has prepared a benchmarking report in 2017 and have evaluated various countries on the basis of below parameters:

  • Preparation of PPPs
  • Procurement of PPPs
  • Unsolicited Proposals
  • PPP Contract Management

To know how Kenya performs on these parameters please view the full report: Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships Procurement


Information on Funded Tenders and Projects in Kenya:

Multilateral development banks or Multilateral Funding Agencies plays an important role in nation building by providing loans and grants at a concessional rate to developing countries. Apart from covering Kenya Government Business Opportunities, TendersOnTime covers all major active funding agencies in Kenya like: Kenya Bi-Lateral Funding Agency Tenders and Kenya Multilateral Funding Agency Tenders.

All major funding agencies, when they finance any project in Kenya ask the purchasers to follow the standard procurement process adopted by the particular funding agency. Accordingly, TendersOnTime covers all the notices: Kenya Procurement Plans, Kenya General Procurement Notices and Kenya Specific procurement Notices.

Apart from funding agencies, Kenya government is also giving major emphasis on addressing environmental concerns arising due to global warming.  TendersOnTime covers news on Kenya Sustainable Public Procurement and Kenya Green Public Procurement.

Arbitration and Reconciliation Services in Kenya:

When there is contract, there exist the probability of dispute. The disputes may arise on various accounts like: different interpretation of clauses, inability of the contractor to full fill any particular obligation due to some constraints and in some cases skipping few points which neither party could envisage.

In order to lessen the burden on formal courts, the Kenya government encourage settlement of commercial disputes through Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, and Arbitration is one of the most preferred method. TendersOnTime through its empanelled Arbitrators provide these services in Kenya. Our experts are well versed with:

  • Kenya Public Procurement Act
  • Kenya Public Procurement Legislation
  • Kenya Public Procurement Policy
  • Kenya Public Procurement Law
  • Kenya Public Procurement Reforms

Kenya Business Environment:

It’s always not the government who is responsible for creating infrastructure in Kenya. Like in any other country private sector also plays an important role in nation's building. But then it is the responsibility of the government to create a conducive environment so that private sector can flourish. This can be achieved by not only one single measure but it requires many structural changes at macro level specially in policy making, protecting minority investors, taxation, labour law, permits, protection of property rights and many more.

As per World Bank Doing Business report, May 2019 Kenya ranked at 61 position with the total score of 70.31. To know more about how other economies are performing on this parameter, please read the full report at: World Bank Doing Business Report, 2019.

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Capital Nairobi
ISO 3166 Code KE
Population 46,749,000
Area, Sq KM 581,309
Currency Kenyan shilling
Official Language Swahili, English
GDP, Billion USD 55,243
GDP Growth Rate, % 5.3
Inflation, Avg CP, %
Interest Rates, %
Unemployement Rate, %
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 98.50
International dial code +254
Time ZONE GMT+03:00
Internet TLD .ke

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