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Country: India

Engagement of Executing Agency Consultancy Services for Recruitment Management of Recruitment Process

TOT Ref No.: 43112902

Value: ₹ 62750000

Deadline: 06 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 638750

Country: India

Dev. of Electronic Discrimination Module Based on Ai for Classification of Vehicles

TOT Ref No.: 43112880

Value: ₹ 989750

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 19795

Country: India

Gas Block and Foresight Assembly

TOT Ref No.: 43112878

Value: ₹ 5236900

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 104738

Country: India

Specialised Electrically Heated Furnace

TOT Ref No.: 43112861

Value: NA

Deadline: 10 Jun 2020

Value: NA

Country: India

M12 Pyro-Bolt Body

TOT Ref No.: 43112857

Value: ₹ 1181250

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 23625

Country: India

Production of Power Cartridges

TOT Ref No.: 43112855

Value: ₹ 427750

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 8555

Country: India

Dev of Hand Guard (Total 2 Items)

TOT Ref No.: 43112847

Value: ₹ 1121000

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 22420

Country: India

Simulated Target

TOT Ref No.: 43112834

Value: ₹ 1460250

Deadline: 24 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 29205

Country: India

Package for In-Flight Egress System for Trainer Aircraft

TOT Ref No.: 43112803

Value: ₹ 1178550

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 23571

Country: India

Bomb Hardware

TOT Ref No.: 43112799

Value: ₹ 621250

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

EMD: ₹ 12425

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