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Try Free - Latest Kerala government PPE Tenders from various districts and tendering authorities of Kerala Govt. The information on Kerala PPE is sourced from newspapers, etender portal and e procurement system of Kerala Government. TendersOnTime, the most comprehensive database for Government Tenders and International Tenders; collects information on PPE from various agencies and sources that is: newspapers, online bidding sites, tenders board, etender portal and other individual bidding sites.

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Country: India

Ppe Kit

TOT Ref No.: 55617978

Deadline: 30 Jul 2021

Country: India

Procurement of Ppe Kits

TOT Ref No.: 45641584

Deadline: 17 Sep 2020

Country: India

Ppe Kit

TOT Ref No.: 57001854

Deadline: 08 Sep 2021

Country: India

Quotation Ppe Kit

TOT Ref No.: 54127457

Deadline: 17 Jun 2021

Country: India

Supply of Ppe Items

TOT Ref No.: 55807231

Deadline: 12 Aug 2021

Country: India

Supply of Ppe Kit

TOT Ref No.: 42078977

Deadline: 15 Apr 2020

Country: India

Supply of Ppe Fittings

TOT Ref No.: 39681299

Deadline: 28 Jan 2020

Country: India

Supply of Ppe Items

TOT Ref No.: 40893418

Deadline: 07 Mar 2020

Country: India

Disposable Ppe Kit with Drape

TOT Ref No.: 41935951

Deadline: 06 Apr 2020

Country: India

Tender for mask, sanitiser, ppe kit etc.

TOT Ref No.: 43857823

Deadline: 03 Jul 2020

Country: India

Purchase of Mask, Sanitizer, Ppe Kit Etc

TOT Ref No.: 53158775

Deadline: 21 May 2021

Country: India

Manufacture and Supply of Ppe Kit 50Lakh Nos

TOT Ref No.: 53245737

Deadline: 26 May 2021

Country: India

Purchasing of Ppe Kit Glouse Sanitiser Etc

TOT Ref No.: 52971746

Deadline: 17 May 2021

Country: India

Purchasing for cfltc(ppe kit, mask etc)

TOT Ref No.: 44513454

Deadline: 29 Jul 2020

Country: India

Personal Protection Equipment Kit (Ppe Kit)

TOT Ref No.: 42152947

Deadline: 13 Apr 2020

Country: India

Purchase of Ppe Kits to the Govt Medical College Kozhikode

TOT Ref No.: 41973403

Deadline: 13 Apr 2020

Country: India

Ppe Kits ( 3000 Nos.) to the Govt Medical College Kozhikode

TOT Ref No.: 42341551

Deadline: 28 Apr 2020

Country: India

Range 80 -100 GSM PPE Kit complete consisting of 1 no

TOT Ref No.: 46860998

Deadline: 02 Nov 2020

Country: India

KDPP Procurement of safety equipments / PPEs to officers and staff of KDPP- Cancellation

TOT Ref No.: 38023982

Deadline: 26 Nov 2019

Country: India

Navrakshak Personal Protection Equipment (Ppe) Kit (Defense) (Quantity Required: 2000)

TOT Ref No.: 56975084

Deadline: 13 Sep 2021

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