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Country: India

Procurement of Abt Energy Meters for Stagei Units on Urgent Basis at Ntpc Barh

TOT Ref No.: 57217540

Deadline: 17 Sep 2021

Country: India

El3020b-Spe0101188035, Power Factor Meter-Moving Coil, 0.5-1-0.5 (Quantity Required: 3 NOS)

TOT Ref No.: 57145366

Deadline: 18 Sep 2021

Country: India

of Milli Ohms Meter.

TOT Ref No.: 57163882

Deadline: 29 Sep 2021

Country: India

Digital Capacitance Meter, Model No.Edc128b of M/S. Escorts Make (Or) Model No. U1701b

TOT Ref No.: 57216827

Deadline: 12 Oct 2021

Country: India

Construction of Drains over 500 Meters from Barigela Samuel to Maramma Temple and other Streets

TOT Ref No.: 57061676

Deadline: 20 Sep 2021

Country: India

Repairs/ Maintenance of Ceiling Fan, Wall Mounted Fans, Electric Geysers, Electric Meter, Solar

TOT Ref No.: 57355387

Deadline: 04 Oct 2021

Country: India

1.Digital Clamp Meter with Rotable Jaw for Measuring Ac Voltage - 400 V to 1000 V Dc Voltage

TOT Ref No.: 56904053

Deadline: 24 Sep 2021

Country: India

El3020b-Lt-Kwmtr-0-600Kw-1 (Quantity Required: 12 NOS)

TOT Ref No.: 57145339

Deadline: 18 Sep 2021

Country: India

4 Leg (multi) Twin Path Slings with Check Fast System and Overload Indicators of 16t Swl, 3.5 Mtrs Length As Per American Standard-ansi/asme B30-9 and International Standard Iso-4878 of Make M/s Kryfs...

TOT Ref No.: 57074885

Deadline: 27 Sep 2021

Country: India

the Area of 4000 Meters, 270 Minutes Running Time with Nickle Cadmium Battery 4.8V, 2500 Mah, Led Lamp, 6V...

TOT Ref No.: 56747344

Deadline: 17 Sep 2021

Country: India

Procurement of 1 Set of Accumulator Nitrogen Gas Filling Equipment for the Use of Track Machines

TOT Ref No.: 57266286

Deadline: 05 Oct 2021

Country: India

Procurement of 1 Set of Tamping Arm Expansion Pusher Consisting of Special Purpose Single Acting Spring Return Short Height Hydraulic Jack of Capacity 10 Ton .

TOT Ref No.: 57266288

Deadline: 08 Oct 2021

Country: India

Supply of Conductivity Meter and Turbidity Meter and Ph Meter For

TOT Ref No.: 41388487

Deadline: 13 Mar 2020

Country: India

CV Meter

TOT Ref No.: 37318268

Deadline: 20 Nov 2019

Country: India

Ht Meter Boxes

TOT Ref No.: 52123450

Deadline: 23 Apr 2021

Country: India

Tacho meter

TOT Ref No.: 36077111

Deadline: 26 Sep 2019

Country: India

Thermal Meter

TOT Ref No.: 42319035

Deadline: 20 Apr 2020

Country: India

Procurement of Noise Meters Fo

TOT Ref No.: 40745577

Deadline: 26 Feb 2020

Country: India

Resistance Meter

TOT Ref No.: 46380580

Deadline: 14 Oct 2020

Country: India

Water Meter

TOT Ref No.: 44400748

Deadline: 10 Aug 2020

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