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Country: Germany

Bg_1264_eu / 21 - Factory Repair of Transmission Assemblies of the System Husky Bv206

TOT Ref No.: 57774209

Deadline: 22 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Procurement of 3.920 Ea "pneumatic Tires, Emergency Operations"

TOT Ref No.: 57774206

Deadline: 25 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Windows, Exterior Doors and Sun Protection Din 18360, 18361, 18358 Et Al.

TOT Ref No.: 57774202

Deadline: 19 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Exposing the Concession Contract for the Supply of Gas

TOT Ref No.: 57774200

Deadline: 07 Dec 2022

Country: Germany

Second Editing Renewal Eü Stammbach and Münchberg, Büw

TOT Ref No.: 57774182

Deadline: 14 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Framework Agreement on General Planner Services for the New Building Buscarport Heert

TOT Ref No.: 57774180

Deadline: 07 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Creation and Revision of Technical Documents or Documentation for Various Substations of the Electricity Network Berlin in Berlin

TOT Ref No.: 57774179

Deadline: 15 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Renewal Schliigskreis Art Apartment

TOT Ref No.: 57765886

Deadline: 20 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Cultivation Elementary School Noervenich - Municipality Noervenich - Specialtiefbau

TOT Ref No.: 57765885

Deadline: 05 Oct 2021

Country: Germany

Blb Nrw / Nl Dortmund / Glueckauf-barracks Unna (wb7716); Hall Lighting in Halls 89,96,105,106,152,153,154 / Electrical Work - Lighting 7 Halls

TOT Ref No.: 57765884

Deadline: 13 Oct 2021

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Capital Berlin
ISO 3166 Code DE
Population 80,783,000
Area, Sq KM 357,021
Currency Euro
Official Language German
GDP, Billion USD 37,30,261
GDP Growth Rate, % 1.4
Inflation, Avg CP, % 0.05
Interest Rates, %
Unemployement Rate, % 5.21
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals .88
International dial code +49
Time ZONE GMT+01:00
Internet TLD .de

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