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European Union Tenders, EU Tenders and Government Procurement from European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 28 member states, primarily based in Europe. The capital of EU is based in Brussels while the largest city is London. The Euro zone adopted Euro a common currency for all Euro Zone members. The nominal GDP of Euro Zone in 2017 was about 20 Trillion USD(about 25% of world GDP).

The public procurement size thus come to around 3 Trillion USD, which is second largest after BRICS.

Country: Spain

Mediation Services in Risk Coverage and Insurance for Local Entities in Castilla-la Mancha

TOT Ref No.: 44912870

Deadline: 09 Sep 2020

Country: Spain

Support to the Project Supervision Office of the Directorate General for Infrastructures for the Preparation of Reports Prior to the Supervision of Projects Within the Competence Framework of Dg Infr.

TOT Ref No.: 44912867

Deadline: 11 Sep 2020

Country: Hungary

Insurances for Gysev Zrt

TOT Ref No.: 44912741

Deadline: 07 Sep 2020

Country: Spain

Specialized Ict Technical Assistance Services for Barcelona De Serveis Municipals, S. A., and Group Companies

TOT Ref No.: 44912740

Deadline: 07 Sep 2020

Country: Slovenia

Development of the Espis Information System

TOT Ref No.: 44912676

Deadline: 10 Sep 2020

Country: Poland

Provision of Direct Customer Service Services of the Electronic Toll Collection System of the National Revenue Administration (spoe Kas) at Distribution Points and Border Customer Service Points

TOT Ref No.: 44912675

Deadline: 10 Sep 2020

Country: Romania

Framework Agreement on Security Services, Protection and Accompanying Transport of Values for the Objectives of the Municipality of Bacău

TOT Ref No.: 44912674

Deadline: 07 Sep 2020

Country: Spain

Drafting of Projects and Other Corresponding Complementary Technical Studies of the Mubil Pole in the Au Area "zu.08 Eskuzaitzeta"

TOT Ref No.: 44912673

Deadline: 04 Sep 2020

Country: Italy

Night and Day Surveillance Service at the Building Complexes of the Marche Polytechnic University (tender Number 7839883 - Cig 8391295baf)

TOT Ref No.: 44912672

Deadline: 17 Sep 2020

Country: Spain

Management Service for the Toy Library, Gaztegune and Gazteleku and Support for the Lezama Library

TOT Ref No.: 44912671

Deadline: 10 Sep 2020

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