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Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a East African country falling under Horn of Africa.  Addis Ababa is the capital and the largest city in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is spread over 1.1 Million Square km2 with total population of over 109 million. The official language of Ethiopia is Amharic. TendersOnTime covers all Public Procurement notices from various Ethiopian government agencies.

Ethiopia is a founding member of the UN, G-24, the Non-Aligned Movement, G-77 and the Organisation of African Unity. Addis Ababa serves as the headquarters of the African Union, the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Standby Force, and many of the global NGOs focused on Africa.

Ethiopia has the largest water reserves in Africa and produces around 88% of the total installed capacity. Coffee is the major cash crop in Ethiopia, and it is the largest in African continent. Ethiopia is on a path to become top floriculture exporter in the World. 

Inspite of a decent GDP growth rate of last decade, Ethiopia is among one of the poorest country in the world. Ethiopia's total GDP is 240,168 Million USD (as per IMF 2019 Estimate, based on PPP basis). Accordingly, at an average of 15%, Algerian Public Procurement market size comes out to be about 36,025 Million USD. The total GNI per Capita in Ethiopia is USD 520.

The Public Procurement in Ethiopia is Governed by "Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation no 649/2009"; issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Proclamation was made effective on 6 November 2011.  As per World Bank Doing Business report, May 2019 Ethiopia is at 159 position with the total score of 48. To know more about how other economies are performing on this parameter, please read the full report at: World Bank Doing Business Report, 2019. 

Country: Ethiopia

Supply of Suitable Leather Machineries for Lomi Network in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

TOT Ref No.: 43099724

Deadline: 09 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Construction Works of Banavo/Bonosha – Achamo Road Project

TOT Ref No.: 43079012

Deadline: 16 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Construction Works of Gode - Hargele Lot 2: Km 100 – Hargele Road Project

TOT Ref No.: 43079009

Deadline: 16 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Construction Works of Dirimasha Lot: 2 Km 61(Konda) - Km 142 (Yina) Road Project

TOT Ref No.: 43079008

Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Supply of Contract/Customized Furniture for the Creative Hub in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

TOT Ref No.: 43060528

Deadline: 12 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Consultancy Service for Social Process Framework Development

TOT Ref No.: 43059956

Deadline: 29 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Invitation To National Competitive Bid For The Procurement Of Guard House, Dry Latrine And Fence
Construction Work For Delelo, Debark And Adiharkay

TOT Ref No.: 43030415

Deadline: 17 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Invitation To National
Open Bid For The Procurement Of Msag And Cabinet
Site Standardization Work For Fiche And Sululta Site Under Central North Region

TOT Ref No.: 43030414

Deadline: 22 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Bid Extension For Aluminum Supply And Fix Work At Kemisie,
Kombolcha And Woldia

TOT Ref No.: 42978493

Deadline: 05 Jun 2020

Country: Ethiopia

Psychometric analyses of tools and datasets for the development of a holistic early grade learning assessment including literacy, numeracy and Social Emotional learning.

TOT Ref No.: 42977457

Deadline: 03 Jun 2020

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Ethiopia Public Procurement

Ethiopia needs to take more efforts for bringing transparency and efficiency in Public Procurement function. To know more about how Ethiopia is performing on various parameters related with Public Procurement like:

  • Needs assessment, call for tender, and bid preparation score
  • Bid submission score
  • Bid opening, evaluation and award score
  • Content and management of procurement contract score
  • Performance guarantee score
  • Payment of suppliers score

Please read The World Bank Report on: Benchmarking-Public-Procurement-2017

In order to assess Government Capability to Prepare, Procure and Manage projects on PPP basis, The World Bank has prepared a benchmarking report in 2017 and have evaluated various countries on the basis of below parameters:

  • Preparation of PPPs
  • Procurement of PPPs
  • Unsolicited Proposals
  • PPP Contract Management

Read complete Benchmarking Public-Private-Partnerships Procurement 2017.

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Capital Addis Ababa
ISO 3166 Code ET
Population 90,076,012
Area, Sq KM 1,127,127
Currency Birr
Official Language Amharic
GDP, Billion USD 47,525
GDP Growth Rate, % 8.2
Inflation, Avg CP, % 5.0
Interest Rates, %
Unemployement Rate, %
Exchange Rate, 1 USD Equals 20.64
International dial code +251
Time ZONE GMT+03:00
Internet TLD .et

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