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Country: India

Term Contract for Artificer Works in Offrs Md Accn H Type at Shankar Vihar Under Ge South Delhi Cantt 10

TOT Ref No.: 43972098

Value: ₹ 3500000

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 70000

Country: India

Maintenance/Repair/Replacement of Certain Parts of Cooling Appliances Central Ac Plant Vrv/Vrf System Voltage Stablizer and Other Allied Works at Rhq(E) Dhq-5 Bmu Cgsd Besant Nagar Nandam Saf Games Vi...

TOT Ref No.: 43972768

Value: ₹ 1480000

Deadline: 13 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 29600

Country: India

Outsourcing of Consultancy Services for Carrying out Structural Audit for Rehabilitation for the Building Nos P-306A P-306A P-315 P-322 P-323 P325 P-326 P-482 P-483 P-67 P-68 P-69 P-70 P-71 and P-203/...

TOT Ref No.: 43972134

Value: ₹ 598260

Deadline: 08 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 11965

Country: India

Special Repair to Bldg No T-30 T- 43 of Certain Unit at Janglote Under Ge Basoli

TOT Ref No.: 43972130

Value: ₹ 1540000

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 30800

Country: India

Repairs and Resurfacing of Roads Under Age B/R V at Bathinda Military Station Under Ge (N) Bathinda

TOT Ref No.: 43972117

Value: ₹ 3500000

Deadline: 01 Aug 2020

EMD: ₹ 70000

Country: India

Repair Replacement of Ceiling Fans Geysers Exhaust Fans and Connected Item at Vikram Vihar Anuj Vihar and Tarapore Enclave Under Age Em S of Ge South Delhi Cantt 10

TOT Ref No.: 43972112

Value: ₹ 1000000

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 20000

Country: India

Periodical Services to Certain Married and Otm Accn, and Certain Misc Maintenance Work at Lichubari Under Age B/R-Ii in Jorhat Military Station Under Ge Jorhat

TOT Ref No.: 43972652

Value: ₹ 2950000

Deadline: 20 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 59000

Country: India

Repair to Roof Sheets, Plumbing, Ceiling, Sanitary Fitting, Joinery and Plinth Protection and Misc Works in Zone-I and Zone-Iii Area at Lekhapani Mil Stn Under Ge Lekhapani

TOT Ref No.: 43972823

Value: ₹ 1320000

Deadline: 11 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 26400

Country: India

Addition and Alteration to Admin Block Building No P-7 and Addition and Alteration to Officers Married Accommodation P-20 at Rs(P) Under Ge Tirunelveli

TOT Ref No.: 43972238

Value: ₹ 2950000

Deadline: 09 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 59000

Country: India

Ca No Ge(N)/Amb-37(P)/2020-21 Repair/ Replacement and Re-Wiring of Internal Electrifications with Other Allied Connected Works in Area -Iv in Sector B Md Accn and Other Areas of Age E/M (North) Ambala...

TOT Ref No.: 43972220

Value: ₹ 3000000

Deadline: 27 Jul 2020

EMD: ₹ 60000

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