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ASSAM RIFLES Tenders 2020

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State :Meghalaya

Repair/Maint of Existing Boundary/ Security Wall

TOT Ref No.: 46039001

Value: ₹ 380000

Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

EMD: ₹ 7600


State :Meghalaya

Tender for Procurement of Hygiene and Chemical Items to Assam Rifles for the Fy 2020-21

TOT Ref No.: 45940807

Value: NA

Deadline: 10 Oct 2020

Value: NA


State :Meghalaya

Provn of Tc for B and R Repair and Periodical Services of Existing Communication Block G Plus1 in One Block Bldg No P/227/04 at ,Artc and S, Shokhuvi

TOT Ref No.: 45919149

Value: ₹ 1250000

Deadline: 03 Oct 2020

EMD: ₹ 25000


State :Meghalaya

Repair and Maint of Dg Set and Transformer Incl Allied Item for All Loc of Shilling Grn

TOT Ref No.: 45828829

Value: ₹ 2035000

Deadline: 07 Oct 2020

EMD: ₹ 40700


State :Meghalaya

Tender for Procurement of Refined Groundnut Oil Under Sch 06(C) to Assam Rifles for the Fy 2020-21

TOT Ref No.: 45647473

Value: ₹ 47625000

Deadline: 29 Sep 2020

EMD: ₹ 952500


State :Meghalaya

Provn of Retaining Wall for Protection of Office Bldgs at Hq 10 Sect Ar at Somsai Under Devp Wks and Bulk Services.

TOT Ref No.: 45583465

Value: ₹ 632500

Deadline: 28 Sep 2020

EMD: ₹ 12650


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