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Founded 1964, African Development Bank (AfDB) is based out of Cote d Ivoire and has 54 members also known as RMC (regional member countries) and 27 non-African countries as members. The main objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction. It has 3 main Constituent Institutions as - The African Development Bank (AfDB), The African Development Fund (ADF) and The Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF).

Apart from African Development Bank (AfDB) tenders, Tendersontime also provides AfdB Projects and procurement plans etc. African Development Bank (AfDB) is an International Aid Agency, which provide loans and grants to developing countries. In order to bring transparency and efficiency in projects financed by the bank, it has like other multilateral development Banks (MDB) has developed Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works, Rules and Procedures for Recruitment of Consultants and Standard Bidding Documents.

Like all other multilateral development institutions, AfDB has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals with ultimate objective of sustainable economical development and poverty reduction. The top 5 sectors in which AfDB contribute are: Social, Transport, Multi-Sector, Power and Agriculture & Rural Development. The top 4 countries which receives financial assistance are: Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria and Egypt While top 5 focus area/theme (also known as High 5) for development are: Improve Life of People in Africa, Integrate Africa, Light Up and Power Africa, Feed Africa and Industrialise Africa.

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