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Tags: Low tension Switchboard,Main Distribution Board,Pneumatic Control Panel,Power Distribution Unit,Power Distribution Work,Automatic Control Panels

Country: Guinea-Bissau

Rfq #22102021 Solar Panels Bada (Gabu)

TOT Ref No.: 60140021

Deadline: 10 Dec 2021

Country: Senegal

Pool of Individual Consultants for TEP and Recruitment Panels

TOT Ref No.: 58690204

Deadline: 15 Jan 2022

Country: Burkina Faso

Control and Supervision of Electrical Infrastructure Works

TOT Ref No.: 58897725

Deadline: 21 Jan 2022

Country: Nigeria

Provision of Solids Control and Equipment Services

TOT Ref No.: 59272444

Deadline: 10 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

Acquisition of Manual Control Overhead Switches

TOT Ref No.: 60664465

Deadline: 22 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

Capacity Building of 50 Solar Panel Technicians on Installation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic

TOT Ref No.: 59095099

Deadline: 07 Jan 2022

Country: Togo

Innovative Regional System for Fruit Fly Control Project

TOT Ref No.: 58633845

Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

Control of the Extension Works of the R + 1 Administrative Block II

TOT Ref No.: 59095149

Deadline: 19 Jan 2022

Country: Mauritania

Construction of a Protective Shelter for the Access Control System

TOT Ref No.: 60720527

Deadline: 20 Jan 2022

Country: Mauritania

Acquisition of Electronic Access Control System for Pedestrians and Vehicles

TOT Ref No.: 50686697

Deadline: 31 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

Restoration as Part of Capacity Building for 50 Solar Panel Technicians on Installation

TOT Ref No.: 59095082

Deadline: 07 Jan 2022

Country: Benin

Room Rental within the Framework of Capacity Building for 50 Solar Panel Technicians

TOT Ref No.: 59095083

Deadline: 07 Jan 2022

Country: Benin

Construction Work for A Borehole + Castle Equipped with Pump and Solar Panels Smaller Tools on Site

TOT Ref No.: 59095110

Deadline: 19 Jan 2022

Country: Benin

Acquisition and Installation of an Access Control, Fire Safety and Video Surveillance System

TOT Ref No.: 59100238

Deadline: 18 Jan 2022

Country: Mali

Engineering and Construction Services (Design and Control Office, Construction Work, Etc)

TOT Ref No.: 60315504

Deadline: 06 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

and Control

TOT Ref No.: 60328153

Deadline: 08 Dec 2021

Country: Benin

Acquisition of Manual Control Air Switches (iacm) for the Benefit of Sbee

TOT Ref No.: 60628241

Deadline: 22 Dec 2021

Country: Togo

Regional Innovative Fruit Fly Control System Project in West Africa (SyRIMAO)

TOT Ref No.: 58633846

Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

Country: Cote d'Ivoire

Recruitment of a Consultant for Monitoring and Controlling the Development of a Rest Area in San

TOT Ref No.: 60611534

Deadline: 10 Dec 2021

Country: Mali

, Rehabilitation of Latrine Cabins and Construction of Panels Visibility

TOT Ref No.: 60321590

Deadline: 15 Dec 2021

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