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Country: Guinea

Completion Works of the Manga Labé Bridge Commune Urbaine De Labé

TOT Ref No.: 58221838

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Guinea

Reconstruction Works of a 16 Ml Bridge with Three Scupper 2 (3 × 2) X 7 Ml and the Layout

TOT Ref No.: 58221830

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Nigeria

Construction of Access Bridge at Vandalam to connect YoldeGubudo Ibn Mayo Belwa LGA, Adamawa State.

TOT Ref No.: 57956370

Deadline: 08 Nov 2021

Country: Guinea

Construction Work for a 35ml Bridge and the Development of a 200ml Dike-Access Road , on the Madina

TOT Ref No.: 58221839

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Sierra Leone

Design and Build of Rural Bridges to Replace Manual Cable Ferries Crossing Points in Selected

TOT Ref No.: 58317362

Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

Country: Guinea

Replacement Works of a Battery of Nozzles by a Reinforced Concrete Bridge of 12m X 3m X 7ml Located

TOT Ref No.: 58221840

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Mali

Project to Build a Bridge

TOT Ref No.: 49895028

Deadline: 25 Feb 2021

Country: Liberia

Construction of One Reinforced Concrete Bridge (Single Span12m Bridge)

TOT Ref No.: 37213048

Deadline: 31 Oct 2019

Country: Liberia

Construction of One Reinforced Concrete Bridge (Single Span -10m Bridge)

TOT Ref No.: 37298769

Deadline: 04 Nov 2019

Country: Senegal

Construction and Repair of Bridges

TOT Ref No.: 36416171

Deadline: 17 Mar 2020

Country: Nigeria

Deformation Monitoring of Bridges and Large Structures, Itobe Bridge-Kogi State

TOT Ref No.: 44878481

Deadline: 15 Sep 2020

Country: Sierra Leone

Design and Build of Four Pedestrian Bridges

TOT Ref No.: 46666382

Deadline: 21 Oct 2020

Country: Nigeria

Rehabilitation of Lokwa Bridge Mubi

TOT Ref No.: 40861721

Deadline: 17 Mar 2020

Country: Nigeria

Design and Supervision of Flyover Bridge

TOT Ref No.: 55178424

Deadline: 27 Jul 2021

Country: Senegal

Maintenance Work on the Faidherbe Bridge

TOT Ref No.: 51928426

Deadline: 02 Jul 2021

Country: Nigeria

Rehabilitation/Upgrading of Roads and Bridges

TOT Ref No.: 57344971

Deadline: 30 Sep 2021

Country: Guinea

Reconstruction Works of the Reinforced Concrete Bridge

TOT Ref No.: 55358775

Deadline: 19 Aug 2021

Country: Nigeria

Repair and Maintenance of Track, Bridges and Culverts

TOT Ref No.: 41867421

Deadline: 16 Apr 2020

Country: Nigeria

Roads, Bridges, Drainage`s and Associated Works

TOT Ref No.: 45685418

Deadline: 24 Sep 2020

Country: Nigeria

Reconstruction of Ajolagun Bridge in Ikere Ekiti

TOT Ref No.: 46650567

Deadline: 30 Oct 2020

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