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View Latest Global Test Kit RFP and RFQ from Various Countries

TendersOnTime provides latest updates on Global Test Kit RFP and RFQ, procured under federal budget and through state government spending/expenditure in various countries. The database of Global Test Kit request for proposal, RFQ, EOI and other federal business opportunities is aggregated from newspapers, e tender portal, and tender bulletin.

Country: India

Procurement of HBs AG (rapid )/spot,test kit

TOT Ref No.: 42813064

Deadline: 22 Jul 2020

Country: Sri Lanka

Patch Test Kit, various types

TOT Ref No.: 43391248

Deadline: 15 Jul 2020

Country: Myanmar

Sample Positive Control for Test Kit Evaluation Center

TOT Ref No.: 37966932

Deadline: 11 Nov 2020

Country: India

PROCUREMENT OF Prothrombin time test kit, pack of (10 x 04) ml.

TOT Ref No.: 42928755

Deadline: 17 Jul 2020

Country: Hungary

Acquisition of Filter Nat Test Sets

TOT Ref No.: 43692038

Deadline: 20 Jul 2020

Country: Hungary

Procurement of Filtering and Confirmatory Tests

TOT Ref No.: 43590683

Deadline: 24 Jul 2020

Country: Netherlands

of Test Kits / Assays for Neonatal Heel Prick Screening

TOT Ref No.: 43507353

Deadline: 08 May 2021

Country: India

Crs/Tpty (Ph No.:40249) Pregnancy Card Test

TOT Ref No.: 43433273

Deadline: 16 Jul 2020

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Supply of Global Fund Reagents and Test Kits - Special Items

TOT Ref No.: 25480709

Deadline: 15 Aug 2018

Country: India

R a Test Kit (100 Test Kit). Latex Agglutination-100 Test/Kit

TOT Ref No.: 41073494

Deadline: 06 Mar 2020

Country: India

C R P TEST KIT 100 Test Kit Pack

TOT Ref No.: 34429034

Deadline: 10 Jul 2019

Country: India

R A TEST KIT ( 25 Test Kit Pack )

TOT Ref No.: 35298123

Deadline: 13 Aug 2019

Country: India

Crp Test Kit (100 Test/Kit) Latex Agglutination - 100 Test/Kit

TOT Ref No.: 34574280

Deadline: 24 Jul 2019

Country: Indonesia

Procurement Test Kit

TOT Ref No.: 25845086

Deadline: 26 Aug 2018

Country: Russian Federation

Test kits

TOT Ref No.: 25686720

Deadline: 15 Aug 2018

Country: Mongolia

B And C Test Kits

TOT Ref No.: 25299587

Deadline: 01 Aug 2018

Country: Ukraine

Test Kits

TOT Ref No.: 26880512

Deadline: 04 Oct 2018

Country: Philippines

RFQ - Test Kits

TOT Ref No.: 33441861

Deadline: 04 Jun 2019

Country: India

CI Test kit etc.

TOT Ref No.: 37957716

Deadline: 05 Dec 2019

Country: India

Test Kits Etc.

TOT Ref No.: 26528119

Deadline: 13 Sep 2018

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