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Country: Morocco

Provision of Complete Sealing Mechanical Seals for Turbine Turbine Joints Ait Messaoud

TOT Ref No.: 59546971

Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Transfer of Scrap Stored in the Power Plants Operating Gas Turbines.

TOT Ref No.: 60516858

Deadline: 04 Jan 2022

Country: Morocco

Provision of Maintenance of the Industrial Air Conditioning of the Kenitra 315 Mw Gas Turbine Plant.

TOT Ref No.: 60380075

Deadline: 21 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Truck / Wagon Unloading Tracking Service and Gauging Fuel / Gas-oil Tanks at Kenitra Tag Plant.

TOT Ref No.: 60430238

Deadline: 28 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Delivery of the Development of the Ferraille Park of the Central Tag Laayoune.

TOT Ref No.: 60284633

Deadline: 28 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Supply of Chemicals for Kenitra Tag Power Plants, Tag Mohamedia and Tag Tetouan

TOT Ref No.: 60380025

Deadline: 28 Dec 2021

Country: Egypt

Supply of Turbine Meters

TOT Ref No.: 44410754

Deadline: 20 Jul 2021

Country: Morocco

Supply of Exchange Coils for the Cooling Water Circuit of the Turbines at Mohammedia Gas Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 38381010

Deadline: 30 Jan 2020

Country: Morocco

Supply of Air Intake Filters for the 9000 E Turbines of the Mohammedia 3x100 Mw Gas Turbine Plant.

TOT Ref No.: 47495831

Deadline: 03 Dec 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition, Assembly And Commissioning Of A Continuous Centrifuge Turbine

TOT Ref No.: 40775635

Deadline: 18 Mar 2020

Country: Morocco

Regulation and Usingae of the Turbine Bearing of the Mohamed V Factory

TOT Ref No.: 43278250

Deadline: 30 Jun 2020

Country: Morocco

Works for Preparing a Warehouse for the Gas Turbine Station

TOT Ref No.: 46903190

Deadline: 17 Nov 2020

Country: Morocco

Supply of Spare Parts for Turbines from Laayoune Tag Plant

TOT Ref No.: 56832383

Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

Country: Tunisia

Gas Meters with Turbine and Rotary Piston for Distribution Network.

TOT Ref No.: 42003484

Deadline: 14 May 2020

Country: Tunisia

Gas Meters with Turbine and Rotary Piston for Distribution Network.

TOT Ref No.: 41143081

Deadline: 08 Apr 2020

Country: Tunisia

Rotary Turbine and Piston Gas Meters for Distribution Network.

TOT Ref No.: 38814250

Deadline: 04 Mar 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition of p14-6555 Filter Panels for Solar Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 44668314

Deadline: 26 Aug 2020

Country: Tunisia

Supply, Assembly and Commissioning of a Set of Three Sugar Centrifuge Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 55041817

Deadline: 16 Aug 2021

Country: Tunisia

Supply, Assembly and Commissioning of a Set of Three Sugar Centrifuge Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 55044148

Deadline: 16 Aug 2021

Country: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Replace MCC & Generator Protection & Control Panels of Gas Turbines

TOT Ref No.: 37181234

Deadline: 02 Dec 2019

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