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Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Teaching Materials for Tps the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

TOT Ref No.: 58708317

Deadline: 10 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Raw Materials for T.p of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Rabat.

TOT Ref No.: 58693590

Deadline: 11 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

The Purchase of Raw Materials for the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Casablanca »unique Lot

TOT Ref No.: 58319667

Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

Country: Tunisia

Construction of an Eljem School Odontology Unit

TOT Ref No.: 58564934

Deadline: 08 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Purchase of a Dental Panoramic for Dental Service for Zagora Hospital

TOT Ref No.: 42575966

Deadline: 27 May 2020

Country: Egypt

Supplying (30) dental units to the Faculty of Dental Hospital

TOT Ref No.: 40715946

Deadline: 09 Mar 2020

Country: Morocco

Purchase of a Digital Dental Panoramic for the Dental Service for the Zagora Hospital

TOT Ref No.: 43678359

Deadline: 21 Jul 2020

Country: Algeria

Supply of Dental Products

TOT Ref No.: 35647319

Deadline: 12 Nov 2019

Country: Algeria

Supply of Dental Equipment

TOT Ref No.: 35622897

Deadline: 11 Nov 2019

Country: Tunisia

02 Dental Amalgamator

TOT Ref No.: 38494602

Deadline: 04 Dec 2019

Country: Egypt

To supply/needs dental center

TOT Ref No.: 39822721

Deadline: 09 Feb 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition of Dental Chairs

TOT Ref No.: 45416132

Deadline: 07 Oct 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition of Dental Chairs

TOT Ref No.: 45422482

Deadline: 07 Oct 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition of Dental Consumables

TOT Ref No.: 46557918

Deadline: 16 Nov 2020

Country: Tunisia

Disassembly Dental Chairs

TOT Ref No.: 54589818

Deadline: 02 Jul 2021

Country: Morocco

For the Purchase of Dental Consumables Intended for the Dental Consultation and Treatment Center

TOT Ref No.: 46662906

Deadline: 10 Nov 2020

Country: Morocco

Purchase of Dental Consumables for the Center of Consultation and Dental Treatment Falling

TOT Ref No.: 53493243

Deadline: 21 Jun 2021

Country: Tunisia

Dental Pharmacy And Laboratory Accessories

TOT Ref No.: 40007950

Deadline: 24 Feb 2020

Country: Egypt

Supplying Devices and Dental Instruments

TOT Ref No.: 43215064

Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Country: Morocco

The Making of Dental Prostheses (Single Lot).

TOT Ref No.: 38767802

Deadline: 23 Dec 2019

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