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Country: Morocco

Acquisition of a Cabling Bench

TOT Ref No.: 57954482

Deadline: 27 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Supply of Electrical Cables for the Birgandouz Diesel Plant

TOT Ref No.: 58216199

Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

Country: Algeria

Replacement of Transformation Stations and Medium Tension Cables

TOT Ref No.: 57799541

Deadline: 25 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

Replacement of an Underground Cable Section Hta in the Center of the City of Ifrane

TOT Ref No.: 57261204

Deadline: 26 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

Replacing Hta Underground Cables in Gradient Impregnated Paper at Sonaba Tourist District (agadir

TOT Ref No.: 58681474

Deadline: 15 Dec 2021

Country: Morocco

Ao N 65/2021 Concerning the Provision of Sealed Gradual Clamping Cables for the Various Services

TOT Ref No.: 58152320

Deadline: 12 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Earthworks and Installation of the Mt 20kv Cable for the Release of the Feeders of the Source Fes

TOT Ref No.: 58287396

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

• Lot 1: Repair Jobs of Loading and Roofing Traps of Taoos Phosphate Wagons. • Lot 2: Repair and Rehabilitation of Phosphoric Acid Tank Wagons. • Lot 3: Tra ...

TOT Ref No.: 58045820

Deadline: 10 Nov 2021

Country: Egypt

Tender For J. Box, Cables, Cable Glands, Cable Trays, Accessories

TOT Ref No.: 40190283

Deadline: 19 Mar 2020

Country: Morocco

Supply of Insulated Low Voltage Cables and Mt Cables: Lot 1: Supply of Insulated Bt Cables Lot 2

TOT Ref No.: 49953297

Deadline: 02 Mar 2021

Country: Morocco

Supply of Low Voltage Insulated Cables and Mv Cables: Lot 1: Supply of Lv Insulated Cables Lot 2

TOT Ref No.: 41153225

Deadline: 25 Mar 2020

Country: Egypt

Copper cables

TOT Ref No.: 42290355

Deadline: 11 May 2020

Country: Morocco

Supply of Bt Cables

TOT Ref No.: 43298038

Deadline: 29 Jun 2020

Country: Morocco

Supply of Mt Cables

TOT Ref No.: 52647966

Deadline: 20 May 2021

Country: Morocco

Supply of Twisted Cable and Insulated Cable U1000 Ro2v.

TOT Ref No.: 47389917

Deadline: 15 Dec 2020

Country: Egypt

Maintenance of Electricity Cable

TOT Ref No.: 38604570

Deadline: 11 Dec 2019

Country: Morocco

Installation of Computer Cabling

TOT Ref No.: 54747741

Deadline: 05 Aug 2021

Country: Egypt

The Supply of Cables + Wires

TOT Ref No.: 44435830

Deadline: 15 Aug 2020

Country: Tunisia

Acquisition of Cable ARME

TOT Ref No.: 38115259

Deadline: 18 Dec 2019

Country: Tunisia

Lv Network Cables And Connections

TOT Ref No.: 39048559

Deadline: 21 Jan 2020

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