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Country: Morocco

Acquisition of a 9 M3 Hydrocureous

TOT Ref No.: 58288481

Deadline: 27 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Vehicles for School Transport for the Benefit of Territorial Communities Under the Province of Drouch.

TOT Ref No.: 58431018

Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

The Sale of Commercial Vehicle of the Moroccan Capital Authority of the Capital Market (ammc)

TOT Ref No.: 58117560

Deadline: 25 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

The Sale of the Reserves for the Legal Agendas of the Collective Reserves of Al-qusayba Monastery by Requesting Offers of More

TOT Ref No.: 58772543

Deadline: 22 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of a Mobile Medical Unit for Colposcopy and Echography.

TOT Ref No.: 58687422

Deadline: 24 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

The Auction of an Audi A6 Vehicle

TOT Ref No.: 58711815

Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Five (05) Quads Fumigators and Two (02) Drones Sprayers

TOT Ref No.: 58278783

Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of an Ambulance Equipped for the Benefit of the Home of the Elderly in the City of Safi.

TOT Ref No.: 58156890

Deadline: 26 Oct 2021

Country: Morocco

Rental of Commercial Vehicles

TOT Ref No.: 58369309

Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Twelve School Bus to the Following Territorial Communes: Beddouza, Moul El Bergui, Dar Si Aissa, Essaadla, Lahdar, Sidi Aissa, El Gouraani, Lamsabih, Sidi Tijji, ...

TOT Ref No.: 58604327

Deadline: 24 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Acquisition of Two (2) School Transport Vehicles for the Benefit of the Rural World in the Communes of Tsaft and Ait Mait, Province Drouch in a Single Lot.

TOT Ref No.: 58978351

Deadline: 17 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Sale by the Foreign Exchange Office of a used Car "renault Trafic"

TOT Ref No.: 58370033

Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

Country: Morocco

Public Sale of Vehicles and Materials Miscellaneous Administrators Reformed

TOT Ref No.: 58598934

Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

Country: Tunisia

(03) Light and Automobile

TOT Ref No.: 51311912

Deadline: 16 Apr 2021

Country: Algeria

Repair and Maintenance of the Automobile Fleet

TOT Ref No.: 43439685

Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Country: Morocco

Purchase of Fuel for the Automobile Park of the Common Aguerd.Province Essaouira

TOT Ref No.: 37522104

Deadline: 18 Nov 2019


Supply and Delivery of Tyres , Tubes, Automobile Batteries and Vehicle

TOT Ref No.: 39156410

Deadline: 17 Jan 2020

Country: Tunisia

Municipal Automobile Fleet Insurance During the Year 2021-2022-2023

TOT Ref No.: 45636661

Deadline: 09 Oct 2020

Country: Morocco

Extension of the Metal Shelter of the Automobile Fleet at the Headquarters of the Province

TOT Ref No.: 46329189

Deadline: 28 Oct 2020

Country: Tunisia

The Realization of the Maintenance and Repair Services of the Automobile Fleet of the Municipality

TOT Ref No.: 54644606

Deadline: 13 Jul 2021

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